Summer Time's 1 Hour Forward

Don’t forget to put all the clocks forward an hour tonight… before you go to sleep…:hugs:

We’ve just worked our way around the house… so many electric things with clocks built-in… (oven, microwave, stereo etc) OH does them… and leaves me to play with the mechanical clocks… :thinking::relaxed::relaxed:

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I am picking a friend up for work in the morning so have reminded her not to forget

When I was a kid, Dad was in charge of the mechanical clocks and I was his understudy…:upside_down_face::wink:

One of the times when we moved … he had gone ahead, to Devon, and had arranged for a friend to collect us and get us to the train… on the Sunday when the clocks changed…

Mum, for the first time in her life… decided to put the clocks forward Saturday night… whilst I, in my role of Understudy, diligently moved the hands gently forward… by 1 hour…as I had been instructed.

Yep, all of us were up and about, blurry eyed having lost 2 hours’ sleep … and wondering where our lift was… :rofl::upside_down_face::angry::thinking::relaxed:

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That has reminded me that I also got it the wrong way round and turned up many years back for a 1200 nursing shift 2 hours early.
Seek to remember that there used to be a time when the French and UK clocks changed on a different date leaving us with a 2 hour time difference for a day or so.

Just been chatting with a cousin in South Africa…

She tells me they don’t change the hour… no daylight-saving measures… only electricity-saving measures. :hushed:

Regular 3 hour cuts… usually around meal times… making cooking very haphazard… :upside_down_face:

Mmmm… she was not amused at my suggestion that, perhaps, this was a Governmental effort to make people eat more salad… :face_with_hand_over_mouth::thinking:

That is one of the advantages of not having to change the clocks on appliances.
It is odd how when we get a very short power cut how some appliances seem to manage to hold onto the time when others don’t.

You are lucky Jane… my cooker, microwave, stereo and CH clock… all need to be changed manually… and even blips in the supply can cause chaos…

Thankfully the church bells are automatic… so even if someone forgets to adjust their clock… the bells let everyone know what the time really is… :hugs::hugs:

Oh yes, if they ate stopped by a power cut we have to change them manually.
The difference is that some appliances manage to survive the blip better than otgers.

Some will have a small capacitor to keep the clock running through short power outages, some don’t usually because the manufacturer is too cheapskate to spend the 0.5¢ that it costs to add.

On the subject of being an hour out because of the clock change something similar has caught me out on the overnight ferry - setting my alarm for an hour before the ship docks to allow time for breakfast the 'phone then latches onto a French mobile signal, automatically moves the clock an hour forward and leaves me wondering why t he restaurant is shut.

Personally I quite like the extra hour in bed in the autumn but hate having an hour less on the sunday in spring when the clocks go forward. Thus my proposal is to keep the autum change but drop the spring one.

Naturally this would have the slight  disadvantage that we would gradually get out of sync with daylight hours so that, after 12 years we’d be completely 180° out of phase but that would right itself after 24 years. We’d be a full day out by then but the easy fix would be the addition of an extra leap day. So, naturally, we should start this scheme in a non leap year otherwise we’d need a February 30th to get back in sync.

Or not :slight_smile:

I love summer time, this morning I was up with the lark, finished all the work on my terrace and it was only 9h30 !
To me the early hours in spring and summer are lovely, on bright summer’s mornings I am usually up before 6h00
Also heard the Cuckoo calling, back out now to do some gardening after a short break … enjoy your day everyone, rain is on the way for next week !

Oh my… envious… you have heard the cuckoo… I used to hear it 26th March (at an annual Memorial)… (if not before)…regular as clockwork… but nothing so far this year… (maybe I am going deaf)

But the good news is, we have a bat back behind the bedroom shutters. The whole lot went walkabout over the winter and I thought we had lost them altogether…

So, the good news is… we have a bat… and the bad news is… I’m going deaf… whatever… the sun is shining and …I have just been weeding the pétanque court … well, cutting their little heads off… yippee

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The closer one lives to the equator, the more the setting and rising of the sun stay pretty well the same throughout the year, and evenly spaced.

When we lived in Africa the sun always rose around 0600 and set around 1800 every day of the year. Boring, but good for the biorhythms, and for the daily G&T dosing routine of course.

They are so annoying with their scratching.