Sunak's lost his mind

So you can make a foreign country safe with UK legislation, apparently :roll_eyes:

Old Rishi “Roland Rat” Sunak is cornered and hence more dangerous than ever.

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He is pursuing no-one’s agenda but his own. He is setting out policies that he believes will establish him as a ‘world statesman of renown’ and thus be able to line his pockets after his defenestration (there’s that word again!) whereas he actually comes across to many as a greedy, self-obsessed oik.


Phil Moorhouse (as usual) provides a welcome dose of common sense on this one in one of his YouTube videos today - you can’t turn an unsafe country into a safe one merely by “making it so” in UK legislation - any such law “whitewashing” Rwanda would just be challenged in the courts all over again, ruled illegal again, and by the time the case got to the Supreme Court the Tories would be out of office.

He also mentioned that the House of Lords would veto any attempt to take us out of the European Convention on Human Rights, and there isn’t time for Sunak to use the Parliament Act to overrule them.

Also it’s not just international law that this falls foul of, it’s also more than one piece of UK human rights legislation apparently.

It’s all just dog-whistle stuff to placate the Tory Loony Fringe and try and keep them on side after the sacking of Braverman.


Chris, did you see Max Robespierre has been banned on YTube? Like Phil he talks sense, is not over the top and dosn’t know why he can’t continue.

No I hadn’t seen that - what a shame… I’ve only watched one or two of his videos as I can hardly keep up with Phil Moorhouse’s output as it is - and there is a limit on how much infuriating political news I can cope with! :smiley:

YouTube (like Facebook) can be very arbitrary on what it allows and doesn’t allow - some awful old nonsense gets permitted but a perfectly decent channel can get taken down if enough people complain about it. “Copyright strikes” is another way for channels to be targetted - I followed a channel for a while that provided video software tutorials - he criticised a new version and the software company took umbrage and got him demonetised - fortunately there was enough of a backlash from other users to get them to withdraw the “copyright infrongement”.

Fear not Shiba - Monsieur Robespierre is alive and well and broadcasting as normal.

His temporary absence was a ‘technical glitch’ - albeit one by YT - and all is calm and normal again.