Super job opportunity!

Super opportunity for a fit, active and well organised couple, as Guardians for a wonderful Chateau and grounds, Dept 47 ( Lot- et- Garonne) Excellent 2 bedroomed accommodation included.

For further information please call +33 (0) 553 49 46 29

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So tempted to apply :thinking::grimacing:

Is this job still available?

stay away from this, we are the previous guardians and left rather quickly after being there for 2 months. It’s not what it seems, you’ve been warned.

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Hello Tony and welcome to the Forum.

Perhaps you could give us an idea of what being a Guardian is really like ??

Hello Stella

without being potentially slanderous, no I can’t. It’s not the work, it’s not the location or the accommodation. It’s the personalities involved. This ‘employer’ has trouble with most people involved with the chateau including past guardians as we found out, i’ll leave it at that thanks.

Oh dear… but I really meant… an idea of the work/life in general… being a Guardian… makes me think of someone patrolling the grounds with a huge bunch of keys hanging on a chain… :thinking::smile:

Hi Tony, sorry to hear this and I’d be interested to know more (by pm if necessary) I placed the ad in good faith and on behalf of the owners after we were offered the position, but had to pull out a month before we were due to start, having decided to stay in Provence. It appears that we may have been misled…

Hi Vicky… I’ll leave you and Tony to discuss privately…

but, it would be really interesting to learn what being a Guardian really/usually entails…:relaxed:

I have good friends who enquired (after seeing Vicky’s post).
Apparently it wasn’t a great deal for people hoping to settle in France.
Plus the land to look after was all sloping.
Sounds like slavery !

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Off topic, but, a lovely Reminiscence, about Gary Sobers, six sixes in one over, on TMS today :slightly_smiling_face:

My cricketing hero Bill. Met him in about 1965 when I was a schoolboy when they played their opening tour game at Norwich, he was a big bugger but what a player !!

Still off topic but I see 'Haven RL are struggling financially and are looking for investors. It would be a tragedy to lose such an institution…

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‘twud Peter, produced some great players, Billy Holliday, one time next door neighbour, real nice lad, Tiny Hargreaves, a character, Dad had a set too with him :wink:
Mind, they have always struggled, floggin’ off their best :expressionless:

The whole Holliday family were real nice folk Peter, the kids, all coal miners, 'cept the sister Eleanor, who I was in love with, pity she was about 12yrs older than me!
Billy was a leccy in Haigh Pit.