Super Moon/Blood Moon Eclipse 2015

Who managed to capture photos of this event?

Can we see them please?

I watched it,spectacular! Took a couple of pics with my phone - not worth having. However here are some good ones, from the US:

Fantastic detail!

What an amazing pic

Being in possession of a rather large 15" Dobsonian telescope and a couple of good cameras I was planning to photograph, in hi res, the event and managed to stay awake until about 1h30 before overtaken by sleep. I had set the alarm to insure that I didn't miss it, but it took 3 snooze cycles and an urgent need to visit the loo to finally move me from beneath the covers. It was a glorious sight to behold, but the effort, at 4h00, to load the unwieldy telescope onto the dolly and pull it out of the garage was a bit too much in my groggy state. I could have set it up outside earlier but the mirror would have been fogged over with condensation by the time it was needed. I now wish I had, but a hair dryer would have been needed to clear the optics. Regrets. Here is an unfiltered photo I took of the harvest moon, 29 September, 2004.

I usually have my camera set (shame on me) on Auto Aperture and, because it messes around to give me enhanced light, it was all over the place - so I fumbled in almost total darkness to set something in 'manual' and it seemed to work... first shot was around 3:15am and then I got up about an hour later for the second one. Attempts later to photograph during the red full eclipse phase failed miserably... I am going to read up about shooting on 'manual' for the next time in 2033 (ha ha)...![](upload://lVm489ZZPvsVuLLKaRE9ISPgRQx.jpg)

Sorry James - couldn't keep awake! It was also a bit hazy at this end of the Pyrenees. My cheap camera wouldn't have done it justice anyway. I'll look forward to seeing other people's pics.

Some readers MIGHT be interested in my blog though:

(last post: 'The end is nigh...'!


Thanks Peter, Nikkor 70-200 + 1.7x teleconverter on a D800

Hi James,

Super pic...

What camera/lens did you use?


Other than converted to JPG & cropped not modified.

Full eclipse taken on EOS 70D & EF 70-200 lens.

Partial eclipse using a very old Tamron 450mm lens.

I didn't realise how much the moon moves! - Tripod mounted camera with mirror locked-up.

I am too embarrassed by the quality of mine to consider putting up any. I got up at 0430, just an hour early for me, in order to catch the maximum that was at 0446 but did not fancy being up from 0220 to see the whole show through until dawn. My biggest problem was the fog in our little valley below drifting up and giving me too much moisture on my lens, so when I thought I had something decent I should usually have wiped first. Nice on though James.

Mine was shot at 7am and edited quite heavily to produce the warm saturated colour and the gradient. Preserved my beauty sleep though!

I'm looking forward to seeing the real deal from some SFN members who I know were up at 3am!

i Was up all night to wqtch it, never seen it before or likely to see next one. it was beautiful and sorry to say James yes I did take several photos, on a canon camera but can’t download to iPad! camera too old, iPad Air too new!