SuperBowl 2014

Just realised am flying over for a break on the day of the Superbowl!

Will there be any free coverage of this event? If so, what channel?

I think it was on a public channel for the first time last year, but am not 100% sure...

I think you'll find that the ancestor of soccer, rugby & American football was a fairly undefined free-for-all type game played en masse, sometimes using hands & sometimes not, esp as an apéritif for a good bit of fighting, from the middle ages onwards (when there weren't any Europeans in America) and we don't know what the Native Americans were up to. Lacrosse, probably.

but then American football started of years before soccer or even rugby was invented. some clever spark decided to pick the ball up and pass it as the rules at the time did not stipulate hand contact.

it is Englands fasted growing sport and has more teams in europe than there is in america.

but I expect manning and his broncos to be able to out score the Seahawks . but will be a close game in newYork.

Ah, well, you see Keith... it's the word before football that changes the whole meaning!

No offence to any Americans on SFN - am only kidding :-)

It is also available to stream

Isn't that a streaming internet TV station?


That’s the one… They also take around 3hrs to play 1hr… They have more breaks than a kit-kat factory.

Is that the one where all those blokes in sumo suits & hard hats knock seven barrels out of each other whilst going nowhere?:-)

Dear Mr A. Philistine, the Super Bowl is American Football.


Is the Super Bowl Baseball Or American Football?

Signed...... A Philistine

Johnny.. what a star!

That's what I was looking for. Guess am in for a bit of a late night, sorry, early morning!

Yes, I was aware of that David. However, I don't have Sky... looking for a non-subscription French public TV channel. As mentioned, am sure I read that the Superbowl was shown last year.

If you have access to a satellite system receiving UK television such as SKYsport or Channel 4 then you can watch it live.