Supermarket eating into bakers business

The Guardian: French bakers in pain over cut-price supermarket baguettes.

Let’s be honest if your local baker was any good you wouldn’t be getting your bread in Leclerc.

Ours is awful. On a Tuesday when they close, the local supermarket gets different bread in. Seems to sell quite well that day.

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My god you poor thing, if your boulangerie is not very good, my advice to you is move :+1:

Hardly practical for the majority of people.

Ultimately, do it well, and they will come - I can think of a couple of local boulangerie’s that always have lines, and others where you barely see a person in, with a couple of croissant, maybe a couple of pain au raisin, few baguettes on display. God knows how they survive, but always reminds me that people normally vote with their feet!

Agreed. There are boulangeries / patisseries around here which are always busy. Admittedly fewer than there were but some of them were pretty awful and deserved to go.

Darwinism :grin:

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