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I have been trying to find out some prices, such as a bottle of spirits, for when I next visit France (Quillan Region) So far I am having no luck with finding the information. Can any one advise where I can find this sort of info? Thanks Rob

Using the same site as Marie-Claire has used a 750ml bottle of Remy Martin VSOP can be got for £27 now by todays reckoning that is about €36 I would be surprised if anyone can come up with a much cheaper price here in France!

You do know you are quoting the price for a 1 litre bottle!

Here I have Martell at £34 (Tesco price)

If you prefer brandy, especially a supermarket brand, you'll make less of a hole in your pocket…. maybe more of one in your stomach!

Thank you all for your replies. I have been to Andorra in the past but it's a bit of a journey to make for the sake of one or two bottles. I simply don't want to carry bottles through on the journey. That channelhoppers list is out of date - I checked it and it seems to be from 1998!

I tried to find the websites of the French supermarket sites but could never find the information I wanted.

Thanks all once again.

Andorra's cool.

Not sure where you have got that list from but I would say it is somewhat incorrect! £25.49 of 3star Martell is a joke. Asda have their own XO French brandy at £13.50 I am not saying that one cannot get some spirits cheaoer in price is you hit on the right supermarket at the right time but it is not like it was 10 to 15 ys ago when even I made special cross channel trips for booze.

Ah! Well, I have no idea how high VAT is anywhere, I just assume it's extortionate and that's it!

I don't know how reliable you link is as it quotes uk vat at 17.5% It has been 20% for some years now... So that will skew all the figures quoted on the site.

Look at the main supermarkets' online shopping sites, all the prices are there.

Dave I'm a little surprised at you finding that alcohol is cheaper in the UK, my relatives have been hopping over to France for decades to stock up! I don't know if this table is up to date, but it compares prices in the UK and Auchan:

Do not bother buy it in the UK 99% of the time will be no dearer and probably cheaper.

Something is wrong when I can buy of bottle of Remy Martin for less in the UK than here in France!