Supose that you know Anthony Bourdain chef extradinaire has died

Great chef who was appreciated by so many decided that he no longer wanted to live.
We do not know why.

Yes Barbara, I have already posted about this

sorry did not see it Mandy.

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I recall mentioning somewhere how very stressful it is becoming and living as a good or great chef.
So we have witnessed the departure of Anthony Boudin who outwardly appeared to have life moulded to perfetction; good friends, a family and beautiful partner, a wonderful reputation, constant travel and respected by so many. What went wrong? Did the lead fly off the pressure cooker?

i don’t know how great a chef he was. I suspect that he was average but what a witty and entertaining writer about food and the murky world of New York restauration. I’ll certainly miss his books.

He was certainly a troubled soul.
His wit and the delight that he took in the food and company of other cultures should be an example to us all.

I had him down as a brilliant travel journalist with a love of food and different cultures who could also cook a bit but from what I’ve read he had a long history with depression, alcohol and drugs so was probably a ticking time bomb.

Or the lid coming off the pressure cooker possibly!

Please don’t be so flippant Barbara. The poor man suffered with addictions and depression. His death is a tragedy for the people who knew and loved him. Would you be joking about someone who had died of cancer or heart attack?

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Mr Bourdain’s death comes just days after Kate Spade committed suicide and it transpires she also had suffered from depession for many years. You have to feel for those that have been left to deal with the aftermath of both these untimely deaths.

Not being flippant it is a figure of speach!
He could no longer take the pressure.
Every one is super sensitive today!
Never, ever flippant about death of any kind.

Not sure it’s got anything to do with pressure, more his inner demons overwhelmed him.

Are you sure of that Tim.

I don’t believe he left a suicide note so I guess we’ll never really know why. He wasn’t in debt, he was in a stable relationship and was travelling the world following his passion so I doubt he would have felt under any extreme pressure.

I believe that there are great pressures attached to stardom and as a personality he wanted to go further…but to where!
It seems that he had spent some time drinking heavily and using drugs…this can not bring positive thinking.

You obviously know him much better than me and are therefore convinced that pressure of gods knows what tipped him over the edge so there’s nothing more to add.

No do not know him but know a few high profile chefs.
I would write the book if I had a ghost writer.

His name was Bourdain.

Thanks Sean, I’ve amended it… :wink:

Just learned who he was, from BBC R4, ‘Last Word’.