Supper club

We have lived here for more than 8 years in the region of 33890 on the borders

of 33and 24 and have met a lot of people but veru few who share our interests!

We love animals, lovely gardens, quirky interior design, music well played and with

expression. Although we no longer own a restaurant we still look for decent restaurants.

We met a couple last week and the idea of a supper club came up.

Not a money making venture but like minded people in our region could meet up ...

perhaps once a month to savour a really nice meal and talk about our memories....

and possibly make plans for an exciting future.

So no rude comments please!

If you are neaby and you like the idea....get in touch.

We are busy throughout summer working but always around to talk on here for a

moment or 2.

I KNOW that this is not a new suggestion....but I very rarely give up!

On the subject of The Dining Club.

Well I have a nice looking property and a very well equiped kitchen which is also large.

We are ex restauranters who lived in London and we still enjoy cooking.

We have aquaintances and friends who cook other types of cusisine; modern Indian and Thai

included.We ....or should I say mainly I would be interested to find out what others would point out

on this topic. Would I need a number 4 lisence to have the occassional group dining here?

In order to bring my fav London chef to the region I would need to pay him fairly.....after all he is

busy .....but would be happy for a change of scenery.

Whilst this will all be exciting it needs to pay for itself.....and for our is hard work

and cleaning after diners is even harder.

I wonder what the tax implications might be.

Are there people around who would appreciate this adventure?

Probably a few here and there!