Suppliers Devis

I don't usually do this but thought i'd share this one with everyone.

Back in April I emailed a glass company for a quote for some double glazed units, wasn't sure of the exact size as I hadn't made the windows, it was just so I could give a price to the client, but roughly worked out how big they were going to be.

The units needed were 370x370x20 80off, for 10 windows, while waiting for a reply I phoned a company in the UK I know of just to get a rough idea, he told me £14 a unit, got a quote from another company for £12 a unit and £20 for argon filled.

A couple of days later got an email back from the company here near me and the quote was €9.80 a unit, €784 in total, before tax.

Lovely I thought, no mention of time scales or anything. Went to the glass company today with the correct measurements which were 10mm smaller and asked for an order, he went away and came back with a price for me, didn't ask for one but hey............................€1446 before tax, double the orignal devis, I kindly explained to him that a few months ago he gave me a completely different price, that drew a blank, so I just said ok and walked out.

Now this is a showroom with a works unit behind, they have another unit 10 minutes down the road that i've used before so thought we'd try that one instead, beginning to doubt myself thinking i'd mailed a different shop, walked in, asked for a price, bearing in mind that this was the SAME company........................................€2360, before tax.

Now while you all collect yourselves together and recover from faintng, i smiled casually and left, came home, searched my emails, printed off the original devis and went back to the first shop and presented him with them, ok he said, no problem, they'll be ready in a week, signed the devis, shook his hand and left.

Gold and priceless. I have a lot of time for French business.

Love it- as a friend of ours always says at moments like that 'how french is that?'

If only everything could be that easy