Survey Request - Help!

My boy Ben could do with some help. He needs volunteers to fill in a survey about social media use for his uni research project. It only takes 5 minutes & isn't hard, promise. If anyone would be kind enough to complete the form & submit it we'd both be very grateful. Thanks guys!

Here's the link to click on:

Thanks Steve!

Hi Ben.

Completed the survey. Good luck with your research, it's an interesting subject and I'm certain you will find a strong correlation between age and the positive or negative experiences. I'm intrigued to see the results.

Perfect timing Katy, thanks!

Hope I'm not too late - but done!

Thank you Helen!

Thanks Chris!

All done. Best of luck to your son on his studies.


Thanks Zoe!


Thanks Liz!


Thanks Dave!

Done and good luck.

I guess Ben's aiming the survey at people who do use it regularly, but I'll pass your comments on. Thanks for doing it!

Sounds about right Marie-Claire!

As you say Sue, it should keep him in focus, with a serious expression on his face for quite a while. You might not want to expect too much cheer from him until the end of the task though!

Done - but was disappointed that it did not address any questions or give options for people who don't like to use social media. The survey just assumes that everyone uses some form of social media on a daily basis. Maybe your son's next survey could put in some 'hate to use it, but find it necessary at times' responses :)

What a brilliant bunch you are! I was hoping, at best, to get one or two replies, now with the help of yourselves & others, he has over 270! You are amazing, thank you! (Now all he has to do is collate them, that should keep him quiet - tee hee!)