Survive France Network Radio show!

There's a whisper going round!

Have you heard it? Apparently SFN, your favourite expat network, and are going to join forces to make some exciting new programmes. Well, it's true, and we need you to get involved and give expats a voice!

The monthly programmes will be a blend of news from the expat scene during the month, 'Ask the expert' advice on expat problems, hobbies, interests and a request slot. We'll also have "Regional Round-ups" of events and restaurant reviews, plus phone-in interview spots with expats on hot subjects. All this will be mixed with music from a guest artist and, to make it fun, we'll be running competitions and quizzes for some really super prizes.

We want input from listeners and SFN readers to make this something really special so we need you to contribute your stories, event information and anything else that you think is important for a good lifestyle abroad. As always, your support is key! We need you to tune in, suggest topics and contribute to the discussions that follow.

If you'd like to join in the fun, contact: or SFN


Thank you. Can I suggest you set up some sort of automated reply? When days pass without a response, I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking my message hasn't been received.



Because I have yet to reply. I will shortly.

I've contacted you twice re: the SFN radio. Why do I feel ignored?

Regards Glyn

mere six months this one - if it goes right, if not a prosthetic job plenty more months. don't mind the pain but lack of sleep and not DRIVING are not my cup of tea!

Aw Brian - I know how you feel. I thought I was going to be one legged for ever. xx

wid dis shoulder honey, ya wouldn see me for boids, but bless you for the thought, I'll get there eventually...

But I would like to see video of you doing the birdie dance Brain?

Last time I was on the radio my OH caught me and I fell off and hurt my knee. As for what mary says about music is quite right. So start writing long lists of who and what will not be played everybody so that we can exclude the krap toute suite.. I think all tweetie birdie type things should be out to begin with...

i look like wogan, count me in

Should be good - as long as you play some decent music! Good luck.

my wife's been on the radio, she's on the washing machine right now tho'

eeerrr can't find me Crystal set!

Ah Catharine. Makes sense but seriously, the incy wincy pic (members online) doesn't do her justice at all...AND, no one has ever mistaken me for kate Moss ;-)

all a bit impersonal this button hitting...I shall be copying the details, hand writing my recommendations onto parchment, and posting them.

linky pinky parlez vous

ûberlinked as requested

sorry catharine - did not mean you are a moose - although oxford does have some weird clubs (ref cameron, osborne, et al)... will do james!

Please hit those share links above!



That's Catharine in the photo Helen and she will be a part of the show!

kate moose, that well known canadian forest beast. nah, can't put her on the wireless...