Survive France Support Line

Many people who make the move to France will at some point experience feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety and stress and for some these feeling can become overwhelming. Often with little or no support network from family or friends it’s easy to find yourself in a situation that can seem insurmountable.

Bereavements, financial difficulties, relationship problems, health issues and isolation can all be tipping points for those already feeling the strain of surviving in a foreign country. There are many SFN members who have already given their time, whether it be by telephone or in person, to provide some form of assistance to those who need it. Sometimes a sympathetic ear is all that’s required to turn a situation around or just brighten someone’s day.

At Survive France Network we have a dozen or so members who are available to lend an ear. They are not professionally trained and any advice offered is done so on a friendly basis only.

So if you are on the edge or just in need of a chat, let us know and we’ll put you in touch with a volunteer. You can send a private message to me here or to Catharine here. We don’t need to know any details if you would would rather not divulge them, just your phone number or best way to contact you.

Best of luck everyone.

Catharine & James

The information on this website or by it's members is intended as an aid to help anyone seeking advice and support. It should not be taken as a substitute for professional medical advice. It is the responsibility of each individual to consult qualified medical practitioners where needed.

Happy to volunteer but would welcome email or private message first then will pass on my phone numbers. Reason for this is that I do not answer my landline due to cold calling here in France and the wonders of other telecomunication links -Skype , Facetime for those I want to talk with.


Skype -tonystorr

Please advise any information I need ?

A tentative yes . I like the idea very much . P.M. is ,for me, the best method...I am online every day .

Thanks Andy and Barry, I'll add you to the list, it's growing quite nicely, what a great bunch you are!

No problems.

Specially in real estate worries.


I think helping each other is an excellent idea and i am willing to help where I can.

Many thanks to both of you.

Best wishes Carol

More than happy to help - as well as having gone through divorce and dealing with admin headaches here I also have a good amount of experience using the mental health services (I now have my own issues pretty much under control) and have for thr last 3 years worked voluntarily online to support people with mental health problems

Thanks everyone who has posted to date.

There are ten of you generous volunteers now, thank you very much, I'll be in touch next week.

I would be delighted to offer a shoulder - not much in the way of skills, but quite a good listener! BUT I have a housefull until end of October!!! After that, I would be available by phone, PM, Messenger or Skype. AND I don't normally mind calls in the middle of the night!! If you are desperate to find someone during my "season", please don't hesitate!!

Happy to help. I am new here too and recently organised my own move to France myself, lots of life experience and working for myself and very empathetic. Call me anytime day or night. Skype: sodirect and can do Facetime.