Survive France Users' Brexit Poll

Due to overwhelming demand (!?) I’ve decided to be brave and put it out there - a poll of SF users to see how you did, or would, vote in a Brexit poll. No matter if you didn’t or couldn’t vote in the actual referendum - you get to do it now!

It’s completely anonymous and is purely for fun, interest, warped curiosity, devilment or whatever else you can think of :wink: Mostly it’s just to get a sense of how we all felt, or feel today, about the Brexit issue.

INSTRUCTIONS: You get to click ONE of the first 4 statements AND the final Bonus statement IF it’s applicable to you. So - maximum clicks is TWO (not 5 as idicated below!)

Thanks for taking part / Simon :slight_smile:

  • I Vote/d to STAY in the EU- I’m a French Resident Remainer
  • I Vote/d to STAY in the EU - I’m NOT a French Resident but I am a Remainer
  • I Vote/d to LEAVE the EU - I’m a French Resident Leaver
  • I Vote/d to LEAVE the EU - I’m NOT a French Resident but I am a Leaver
  • I’ve Changed My Mind Since 23 June 2016 (Referendum Day)

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I actually need to tick both “I’m a remainer” and “I’ve changed my mind”.

I used to think we should remain within the EU, I certainly think that we would be better off doing so than the present shambles.

I now think we should remain and would be better off in the short to medium term. In the medium to long term though it gets a bit hazier.

The issue is whether Britain would have wanted/should have engaged in “ever closer union”. If the EU27 move to closer political ties then it might, ultimately, have been difficult for the UK to remain a member.

Ideally the referendum would have asked a four-way question

Fully in, even the Euro/Try to stay as we are/Leave but maintain close ties, eg membership of the EEA/Run away screaming.

In fact much of the debate we are having now should have taken place before the vote - three is a slight catch in that debate probably couldn’t have taken place because politicians are virtually incapable of having an honest debate about future possibilities at least in part because government won’t invest in the research which could have lead to informed dialogue. As we saw with the impact statements etc which have (probably) not even been done now we have decided to leave so they wouldn’t have stood a chance before the vote.

As it is I can’t accept the validity of the result given the out-and-out lies and misinformation, especially on the Leave side. If ever there was a case of politicians saying anything to get people on their side, then disappearing and retracting promises as soon as the vote went their way the referendum was a shining example of it.


Thank you Simon for setting this up…how long will you keep it running ?

Interesting to see the results, come on folks don’t be shy, as Simon says (pun intended) it’s a bit of fun, etc; :grin:


If there is any fun in watching this mess, is Boris/Gove/Cash/Farage, trying to sort out this mess/disaster and still lying to the public…

I’m laughing so much that it’s like crying… :frowning:



Farage has more-or-less disappeared and good riddance. UKIP is imploding which is not causing me to shed a tear either.

I’m hoping “no deal” is less likely - if only becasue the EU negotiators, Barnier in particular, seem to be running the show. This is reasonable as they are the only ones with a bit of clue.

They will offer us a decent trade deal - simply because anything else will also hurt business in the EU. It won’t include financial services because the EU wouldn’t mind increasing the importance of their stock exchanges, especially Frankfurt. We’ll probably still be able to holiday in Ibiza without a visa and drive cars at least if we get an IDP, but we won’t and can’t get a magic deal which gets us all the good bits of what we have now and none of the things we aren’t so keen on.

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Hello Simon, I think that there may be a Gremlin at work somewhere !
I voted, it accepted my vote and I saw the ‘table of votes’ change, but when I came back later to see how things were the option I ticked is still showing my tick and that I can vote. Did this again, the table changed again, just popped back to check and the same thing has happened !

Hi Ann - to be honest I’m not entirely sure how the poll system works - I set it up so you could only make a max of 2 selections - i.e. to allow for the ‘I’ve changed my mind…’ option. When you click on ‘show results’ all seems to be ok - indicating only one person has clicked 2 options (i.e. 14 voters / 15 votes). I know when I try and vote again it makes no difference to the overall totals.

LOL Not sure Ann - until 29 March 2019 ?? Or…until we all get sick of it :wink:


:dizzy_face::exploding_head::sweat: … xx

Where are the Brexiteers?

Maybe on the ferry back to ‘Blighty’ Timothy :rofl:


Probably wisely looking for their tin hats before venturing into the barrage.

Nope, I added my vote … obviously I’m in a minority but it’s a fair poll. There’s a couple who have voted that they had changed their mind since the referendum … I’d be interested to know if they’ve gone from Leave to Remain, or vice-versa. But I’m staying out of the political debate - been there, done that, still picking the shrapnel out of my backside!


This has raised a question. Am I a french resident? I ticked yes in the above pole but now I’m thinking. I’m here because I have a french husband but we just sort of arrived about ten years ago and carried on with our lives. I got french nationality and ID cards for the kids but not me. I’m in the carnet de famille but I think that’s all. So am I resident or illegal immigrant ? I don’t really believe the latter and i pay taxes but still I’d appreciate some thoughts

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#Caroline, what an odd question :grinning: You live in France, you pay taxes etc, so you are resident and domiciled in France. If you are originally from another EU country you can ‘just sort of arrive’ and get on with your life and that is fine. (You can’t be an illegal immigrant if you are from an EU country because of freedom of movement within the EU.)

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Thanks. That seems very uncomplicated. How nice

Now that’s raised another curious question. I have always assumed that although I am a French resident, my domicile remains the UK as I ‘may’ one day return there and I had understood that domicile is basically where your parents considered as their home country. So I am not a UK non-dom (unlike those wealthy people who get non-dom status to avoid tax). Perhaps there is a different meaning in French tax law?

Hello Jane

Yes you’re right. For UK tax purposes your domicile of origin is the same as your father’s (unless your parents weren’t married when you were born, in which case it’s your mother’s). Domicile is usually described as your real or permanent home. You can acquire a domicile of choice but it’s difficult to do so. You have to prove that you have permanently settled in another country and you intend to stay there for the rest of your life.

No idea what the rules are in France. I’m sure someone else will be able to enlighten us.

A brief and easy to understand explanation of the difference between residence and domicile. Always take advice for your particular circumstances.

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@anon92567933 @caroline @vero That’s a relief that I wasn’t imagining that, as I have ticked UK domicile on tax forms for last x years… Perhaps Vero used the word as it has a different French meaning?