Survive France

Is a change as good as a rest!

I prefer the old Survive France!

So many notifications coming to my e mail box.

Looks like it is only me who has something to say?

Well the new hedings are a bit clearer, however if it could show the last post (poster) it would save having to open the thread up again to see if there was any new information etc

I log on to SF most days but since it changed to a new format i find it very boring, there are very few new posts, only one yesterday, has it died a death, what do people think ?

I think it's the same across most of the sites to be honest.

Difficult to suggest an explanation - except of course in the case of AI who seem very much to have shot themselves in the foot with their disastrous revamp...

Could facebook be doing the damage to Forums like SF, i must admit that facebook is a lot more easy to navigate than this revamped site, it is a shame because the owners of this site must have spent a large sum of money re-vamping it and i do hope it works for them, but i have my doubt's.

I'll probably get shot down for saying this, but perhaps if there was a classified section, it would attract more people to click on the SFN link - and subsequently make a contribution to the discussions.

Facebook killed all the forums 3 years ago.

SF was doing very well untill recently.I do not feel Facebook has anything to do with what seems

to be a slightly colder, restained SF.
A classified section could be interesting.

Working on that Paul! At the moment we are still fixing any issues with the migration before we move on. I want this side of things working perfectly first.

Thanks for the positive feedback, always appreciated, never shot down!

Traffic has risen slightly since we moved over to the new platform, quite astounding really, I expected it to drop for a while as SEO took a hit but our developers approached the job meticulously and as a result we're currently serving around 200,000 pageviews a month.

Carl, Facebook didn't kill this one!

I think you should write a new post! :)

James, have you also sent a email to the 200k hits who logged on to your site to ask them why they have not posted anything !!!!!

Yes...nothing like Facebook!

something missing!

@ Michael - you should now be able to upload a photo as per our previous email exchange. Can you try and let us know via a support ticket if you continue to have problems? Cheers! Catharine x

"Carl, Facebook didn't kill this one!"

I did not mean SFN. I have always been told SFN is a network not a forum. :)

EDIT: Having just seen where my '3 years ago' comment is posted I can now see why you said that. Sorry, no offence meant.

I prefer to keep things on a more positive note, and as there has been plenty of fresh activity recently I can't see the point. Is there any reason why you don't feel like posting some content of your own?