please lobby your MEP's about negotiations

I have emailed several MEP’s to ask them to help ensure that UK residents in the EU are allowed to remain in their homes with help, if needed, from each state in cases where they are depending on some benefits. I am extremely concerned that the new agreements will mean anyone on benefits has to return to the UK, where we have no jobs, house or healthcare rights because we have been away for over 3 years. There is also the question of how we will be treated by the DHSS, who have an appalling record of refusing to acknowledge the real effects of disability on someone’s ability to work. I find that the French attitude to my own situation has been reasonable and I am extremely grateful for all the help I have received. My only glimmer of hope is that they will accept my determination to try and repay them somehow - though I fail to see quite how just yet.

I am disabled and very frightened for our future. I am equally concerned for anyone who is not disabled but just struggling to earn a living as a British immigrant in the EU.

I would urge British citizens who want to stay in Europe to do the same right away and let our MEP’s - especially and including the UKIP MEP’s, the strength of numbers we are dealing with and the distress facing us with such an uncertain future.

Britain was ruined for me by the housing price explotion in the 1980’s and I feel certain that there are thousands of retired and working families in France who will struggle badly to gain any foothold back in the UK without massive help from the UK state, which sadly is not going to materialise. I am not confident we have a very nice future at all. I am normally quite an optimist but this whole recession and the resulting swing to the right has left me feeling very depressed and upset.

I hold the banks and the major companies who refuse to pay their fair share of taxes totally responsible for the whole situation.

Jo, have you signed up for Eccreu, which is free, or New Europeans where ypu pay what you can?
These pressure groups are fighting for a good outcome for Brits abroad in Europe.
They are lobbying on our behalf all the power groups which are involved in Brexit negotiations.

Ho Jane thanks for tge tip off i will do asap