Surviving exams

For those of us with kids doing exams, please post your hints and tips here.

Here’s one for starters…

Good topic! My elder starts the final exams for her bac in 10 days and she is in a state of pure panic. Apparently the kids at school are swapping horror stories about students who got very high notes all year and then FLUNKED. My strategy:

  1. Lots of encouragement - "you CAN do this! and “It will be fine.” The Obama method.
  2. Sit on French husband. Ban mother-in-law from household. I love them both dearly but there is a certain something they do that makes me cringe - I call it the “aurais du” lecture which goes something like this, “If you had started studying earlier, you wouldn’t be so scared now.” Not helpful. Really.
  3. Carbs. Feed the beast. Her mood is much better when there is bread and mashed potatoes for dinner. This is not the moment to try Atkins.

That’s just a few off the top of my head. I’m sure I’ll be looking for other things to help as the wretched day looms. Anyone else have good tips or horror stories to tell?