Suspicious E-mail Alert

Would like to let you all know I have just received the following. I thought it looked dodgy and when I clicked on the visit your inbox link, my antivirus denied me access. So to all others who receive a similar message, don't click the link, there is something sinister lurking behind.

Incidently I checked out my Linkedin page and there are no messages waiting for me.



Invitation reminders:

From (Megan Douglas)


There are a total of 2 messages awaiting your response. Visit your InBox now.

Don't want to receive email notifications? Adjust your message settings.

LinkedIn values your privacy. At no time has LinkedIn made your email address available to any other LinkedIn user without your permission. � 2012, LinkedIn Corporation.

'Leak', it was more like a tidal wave!

Yes they had that e-mail address leak not to long ago as I seem to remember.

LinkedIn is very fragile Nick. I get messages from people I know asking me to join and befriend them, or whatever the correct term is. I have e-mailed some and they are aghast. I have taken myself off LinkedIn but apparently I am still there and asking others to join! Make your own conclusions.

Ha ha ha, go mum! Hope they didn't get the impression she simply wanted to 'carry on looking'.

My mam got the Gendarmerie National one saying her computer had been locked because she had been looking at porn. Needless to say it was difficult to shift from the screen. But what did my mam do: She only phoned the Gendarmerie in indignation and demanded they remove the block at once.

They politely told her it was a con job.

Good advice, Nick. I never follow those links, but open a new tab in browser, and log in that way. Good idea to highlight it though, as it probably looked safe. Best bet is to check the "from" address - if you use Google, there are instructions on how to see did the email come from LinkedIn or was made to look like it.

Good advice chaps and chappesses

Definitely a malwareloaded email.

Always best to access the site that you 'think' you are going to by typing in the URL into your browser rather than following embedded links in emails.

Yes, I've had these and they actually look legit with all the LinkedIn blurb. I think in all I've had 7 or 8, each with normal sounding names. I've actually been pondering whether just to remove myself from LinkedIn as don't really derive any real benefit from it.