Suspicious phone calls

Hi - I have just received a call from what sounded like an Indian call centre perporting to be Microsoft. they said they had received several alerts from my computer and that I would lose the computer if I didn't turn it on and let them guide them through a 'process'.

Ever suspicious I refused. Was I right to do so - do I have a virus - was it Microsoft - will I lose my computer? I do have virus checking software.

Has anyone else received a call like this?

The PC calls i've had have come from India. Recent cold calls have been from Benin !!!

I have received such a call, explaining that there was a problem with my operating system. He continued and when I finally understood that he was discussing a PC, I let him go on for a bit, before I cut him short, saying that I have a Mac, not a PC. The more time they waste with you, the less they have to trouble others. Never respond to unsolicited phone calls. It's that simple.

They call me all the time, at least once a week. Just hang up, it's a scam!

It's ten times quicker to just put the phone down...

If they call from India, Pakistan or anywhere for that matter, where the cold caller is speaking in a very fast(as that is what they do - I'm sure they think we'll understand them better) and with a heavy accent, just tell them you not understand what they are saying, that they are talking too fast and just let them keep talking, go make a cup of tea/coffee while they are talking (or simply hang up) - they will soon get they idea that they have not the jackpot with you! It's very sad, but there's sooo much hocus pocus going on here, there and everywhere! :(

Lots of them using Voip these days so those that aren't will soon make the swap.

Quite right Lis, as soon as the computer or what ever logs an answered call that's a number they can sell on.

Whatever you do - do not react AT ALL to this, or any further call, should you get any, I have heard about similar before. They will try and get all sort of information out of you!!! :)

Well John, we are talking about commercial cold calling which presumably means the callers give the company names which makes them 'traceable'. Overseas callers would seem to be a way round this legislation ? Every cold call I receive either from a company or private caller gives me the phone number of the caller so wouldn't the origin of the number be available from the phone companies ?

Might as well make it a Trillion if you can't trace the caller it's just another piece of daft legislation.

Interesting developments in the UK with new regulations regarding cold calling and the like. New penalties carry a maximum fine of £500,000. This shows a serious committment to tackling this increasing problem. I wonder if the french will think about following the UK example ?

I tell them my calculator gets stuck and could they fix that…also my wall clock loses four minutes evry day and that my electricity isnt as fast as the electricity in England …usually by then they hang up…

These are scam artists

Under no circumstances give them any details about your computers, never give them your pass words or any ID details of any sort. They are fishing for people who do not understand or are a little nervous of computers. Once they get into your computer they will strip it of all your details in particular anything to do with money such as your bank accounts . After they have done that they will install a bug that will give them access to your computer without your knowledge and give them carte blanche on everything you do online. If anything comes from your bank asking for your details ignore it no matter what they say. Banks never ever ask for your details online These scammers are just there to catch out the unwary.

Never give these blighters a chance to rob you

I haven't received phone calls, but have had several dodgy things on the computer regarding Flash updates, which look and sound official but which are Trojan horses as my Avast tells me. Some get past though and Google has been under serious attack over the past few months. Site visits for research seem to be the back-door approach to these things.

It's a sick world out there and getting sicker by the minute I fear.

I have received that call twice, it became apparent that it was a scam as soon as they mentioned my microsoft PC, I have an Apple.

Indeed. I have been known to say, "Just a minute, there's someone at the door."

Then go off to make a cuppa…

When the angel on my shoulder is having her cuppa and not busy reminding me that "Two wrongs do not make a right." I think I'd Like to see them all caught, tied up in bundles, and dipped in dung - repeatedly.

Mike - I would not even reply in French...if the cold caller is French speaking...but the rest you suggest - absolutely yes... :)

like it ;o))

They have wasted your time, so have your revenge.
Say "Ne quittez pas." Then put the handset down beside the phone and walk away. Don't forget to put it back on the hook 10 minutes later........

Just had, what looks to be real with the logo etc., an e-mail purporting to be from BT about my account details. I have just reported this to BT. "If you've had a phishing email which directly targets BT, just forward it to" The only thing about this is they seem to be more worried about themseves rather than the customer.