Sustainable homes in France?

Now that our Cartes de Séjour have been finalised, we are at last able to focus on buying a place of our own.

Having lived in very harsh conditions in South Africa, we are well used to utilising techniques such as rainwater / greywater harvesting and backup / off-grid power solutions.

We would like to integrate some of these into our new home, but obviously the regulations here are different to those back home.

Our first questions regard septic tanks. We are looking at rural properties and a lot of the ads say that a new septic tank is required. What are the regulations? Is it a case of one size fits all? Are more ecologically sound methods such as greywater systems, compost toilets or reed beds an option? Does anybody have any experience with going this route in France? I’m assuming there are some departments that are more open to environmentally sustainable systems than others?

More questions to follow…

I suspect you have a lot of interesting reading to get through…

you’ll be “non-collectif”

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Thank you Stella :slightly_smiling_face:

try this site
scroll down to documents (right hand side). Click on Guide Usagers guide au choix .
This sould give you an idea of the different types of fosses .Look at the other documents as well.

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Excellent, thank you, that is exactly the information I was after!