Suzuki V-strom and bridage for A2 license

Welp, I have a question, but it’s perhaps an odd one.

I have a beautiful Suzuki 650 V-Strom motorcycle. My driver’s license allows only an A2 level and this motorcycle exceeds the allowed power for a rider with only an A2 license. In two years, I’m allowed to take the test for the A-level moto, but in the meantime, we hope to take some nice tours of France and Italy. OH isn’t getting any younger or healthier, so the sooner the better…!

I’d like to get this attestation thing done and dusted, which will enable me to get the insurance.

OH has installed a part that Suzuki UK told us we needed, in order to conform to the A2 power level. We submitted all of the paperwork to ANTS, but we’re told by ANTS that this isn’t going to be good enough, and that we need the bridage OH put in, to be confirmed and approved by a French Suzuki moto expert.

That’s all fine, and I’m willing to pay for the service for the attestation from a French moto expert. Now comes the twist: after communicating with a local moto expert, it’s unclear whether it’s worth the moto expert’s time to do the check and confirm it. The moto shop was gung-ho to help us out when he thought he’d be installing something else to make it conform to A2 power specs: specifically an electric unit of some sort. But in fact, for this make and model moto, it’s not needed.

We’re awaiting confirmation from Suzuki France, in order to take this info to the local Suzuki moto expert and ask him to check the motorcycle and fill out an attestation that it’s now A2 level. But seems like Suzuki France is taking a long time in responding. Frankly I’m willing to pay pretty much whatever it takes, to get the attestation (well, okay, within reason…). Don’t want to bribe somebody, just want to make it worth their while, since a) the Suzuki V-strom is bridable, and b) the necessary work to make it so, has already been completed. Just needs to have someone look at the work and approve/attest.

Does this situation make sense to anyone? If so, can you help me understand if it’s possible to get what we seek from a moto expert: the A2 attestation? I’m hoping so. Otherwise, I’ll have to purchase an A2 conforming motorcycle and I’m pretty fond of this Suzuki V-strom.

Thanks for reading. Cheers.

is this something @DeTolkTW or @Mark_Rimmer could comment on perhaps?

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What year is your V-Storm 650? The pre-2016 restrictor kits are mechanical in nature and require rather more work to install than the “plug and play slower” electronic restrictor modules used in later years.

Hi Guy, it’s a 2014.

Normally the attestation needs to be provided by the garage/person that has completed the modification. It doesn’t actually matter whether it’s Suzuki or another garage as long as they can provide the attestation. Unfortunately if you cannot get a garagiste to provide the attestation then you may be pretty stuck. Your OH cannot provide it for ANTS as he is not an agreed garage.
I don’t know if @Mark_Rimmer has any better ideas. I’m going based on how things with Renault work. When we do a transfer of ownership from an ex driving school, it is the garage that removed the double controls that provides the attestation for ANTS.


Just a shot in the dark, remove the restrictor and ask a Suzuki shop to fit it. They may be more amenable to doing the whole job rather than just certifying somebody else’s work.


I agree that could be a good solution and probably the only way to get your attestation.