Swapping licence for a French one

The message on ANTS merely says they’re ‘negotiating’ (whatever that means) so for now it’s just a waiting game.

Thanks @tim17 . Unfortunately, we all know how long negotiations can take… sigh…

I am in the process of applying to change my licence, I applied on 29th December. I have since sent my photo in which has been acknowledged as being received.

Then yesterday this arrived in the post!

I have no idea what this will do to the process.

off with your head :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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No, my licence arrived about 10days later :smiley: I think ANTS are just covering themselves of any further unforseen hold ups :thinking: Because of the changes +Covid19 I had already waited nearly six months! I had confirmation of application so I had no intention of adding worries to my life :woman_shrugging:

just hope that you haven’t got a whole stack of points built up already which could terminate the licence before you get it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Paying the fine online always seems very quick and easy…


The reply said investigating, not negotiating, I take that to mean that processing had started, if there was a block surely the reply, even automated, would have said to that effect. An applicant can hardly be held responsible for delays if an application has been lodged, and accepted .?

I thought Timothy was referring to a message to the general public on the negotiation of post brexit license arrangements between France and the UK.

OK, thought he was referring to my post about the comment on my Ants account

Under investigation was on my application up until process was completed.
Relax and breathe :wink:

Not everything is about you! :grinning:

Pay it ASAP Mat, using your UK license number and the address on that license if requested. You’ll never hear about it again and it will not be registered against your new license. Don’t ask me how I know :roll_eyes:

The last one (avis de contravention) I had didn’t ask for any licence details, i just paid it - quickly.


Not sure if that’s fair…I was relating my experience for other people to gain from i hope, so it was natural that I referred to my accontb[quote=“tim17, post:113, topic:32264”]
Not everything is about you

Not sure if that’s fair…I was relating my experience for other people to gain from i hope, so it was natural that I referred to my accontb

Two steps forward…one step back…
Having been pleased to receive my new, improved Tds yesterday I thought I’d check on my ‘Permis de conduire’ application.
I thought all was well until a screen popped up inviting me to print the ‘lettre de rejet’ which informs me that I cannot drive a vehicle in France under vpain of a 15,000 euro fine or one month in prison.
Am I alone in having received this (personally I doubt that) and should I be worried or is this just the logical conclusion of the administrative block previously referred to.

Slightly more frustrating than it would anyway be as I went to the expense (okay only 36 euros) and trouble of getting an approved medical yesterday.

My goodness @letstryagain, that’s frightening. I think perhaps I won’t go online to check mine then I won’t see anything :see_no_evil:

I think you should be frightened Angela as I just re-read the letter and it actually states one year in prison rather than one month. :thinking:

I am now sincerly hoping that this is some sort of clerical error. I do not see why I should have been singled out? Should I visit the local gendarmerie (on foot) for clarification?

Only if you walk/cycle/get a taxi etc…