Swearing in English on French radio

Is anybody else disturbed by the French radio stations playing songs with lyrics which are unsuitable for children who understand English? Not long after we first arrived in France 5 years ago the Lily Allen song "F*** you" was often heard on several radio stations in our region. At the time, my daughters were 6 and 8 so we used to sing "thank you" instead at the top of our voices to drown out the profanities.
Just recently the loca people track "what the f***" can often be heard. My husband and I are keen participants of sporting events such as international canoe, ski and running marathons and there is often music being played through loud speakers. This "What the f***" record was playing at top volume from the sound system, just near the finish of the Nice marathon last week where there were crowds of people many of whom I'm sure understood English.
Now my daughters are 10 and 12 and I'm sure they hear French equivalent gros mots all the time at school and college but I still find it quite shocking that songs containing words which are generally considered unacceptable are allowed to be broadcast so publicly.

There is 1 problem with people complaining about English swear words in France, they don't mean anything in French, English is not a National language in France, why should they recognise that swear words in English offend you, this FRANCE, they speak French here, for my part being in the music industry if a song writer uses swear words it is because they want to express themselves, how they want to, if you don't like what an artist sings don't listen, as for forcing children to listen to what the parents think is music, good luck! having 3 girls i can tell you they will like what they want to, as this should be.

I find it quite liberating to live in a world where mere words are just that (when out of context), and where people (artists) can openly display their thoughts, and art.I also love Cee Lo (ther guy from gnarls Barkley)'s "fuck You".. and, as far as I know, it's released as "forget you" back home. I am also saddened by youtube, and their ability to leave animal porn posted, but ban any song with expletives in the lyrics.

No one ever sensored the NTM's name (nique ta mère for those not familiar with them) so can you imagine a group in the uk being annonced on the radio... and now here's the latest hit by "f**k your mother" ...:-O

Cole Porter’s “Love For Sale” was banned by the BBC for years, but these days it’s rather tame. Times change. Kids are well aware of most things these days, at a very early age. I remember our daughter, at 8 years old, asking me what 2 gay men do when in bed! Although it was difficult, I felt, if she asked, She was aware enough to deserve an answer truthfully, albeit a condensed version. Now, at 33, I don’t think it has made her any different to what she was going to be anyway.

Johnny,I love the Lily Allen Song. It's catchy and thought provoking and I totally get the lyrics and meaning behind it. I have all her cd's but I just don't need to hear it while driving my children to school. The version played on the British radio stations neatly cuts out the offensive word and it means that the adults can still enjoy the track cos they know the full version. The two other songs you mentioned, Bruce are a lot more subtle. The problem for me with the two songs I mentioned was that the offensive words are sung in the chorus, plenty of times without restraint!

I agree too about the French bad language and sexual content. I'm really no Mary Whitehouse, but I feel there's a time, a place and an age for everything. I didn't like this week having to explain to my 10 and 12 year olds what a "sextoys" was at 4pm. A point for discussion on a local radio show!

And Angela, we do have a laugh about how the French don't realise what a strong word f*** is. It has provoked discussion about appropriate language. It still provokes discussion and laughter amongst my English friends.

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Never stopped Serge Gainsberg and Jane Birkin being played on UK radio whilst he was “cumming between her kidneys”, or Lou Reed’s Walk On The Wild Side from discussing “giving head”. So, come on and relax, don’t do it, makes you wanna come!

I have felt like that ever since we've been here. I was shocked to hear the F word everywhere on the radio, had visions of all these little French kids singing along innocently, not knowing what they were singing. I honestly believe the French don't realise how STRONG the F word is, they haven't got a clue. As for the F**K Me song at the moment, my little French grandaughter who isn't even 4 yet started singing along to it PERFECTLY in the car the other week!! My daughter said she even sung it with an English accent lol...NOT funny I know, but she hasn't got a clue what she's singing...just like most of the French.

I don't play the radio now when my children are about as it is not just the songs which have the bad language. You will often hear the presenters using bad language when talking about the songs and the sexual content that they discuss in French is unbelievable. This is during the day and I did hear it on the school run in the morning before, so it is cd's, ipod or nothing now for us when they are around.

I know I've never complained to the radio stations, but I have complained and sought explanations from my French friends. I remember getting quite shirty about it on Facebook too.
However, it has given me a great lesson for my own kids about what is talent, and what isn't. What is classy and what isn't. What is articulate and what isn't. They now change the station themselves when the songs come one. Mine are 7, 10 and 12. We look for songs with words that have both beat and meaning now. Gets rid of a little of the hypocrisy surrounding all of this. I can't be bothered with most of the songs, with the exception of Lily Allen's, because there's nothing else there at all, even musically. We just boycott when the song comes on. Really, it does make for an interesting discussion if you open the conversation with your kids.

I would like to think that if somebody complained to an English radio station and explained that the lyrics were offensive,it would be taken seriously. Maybe nobody's ever complained in France.

Is it worth complaining to the radio stations and say that for English speakers, it's unacceptable language?

I have had the same problem with the Doctors waiting room and the Supermarket. My 11 year old daughter thinks it's great to be able to hear it on the radio as she loves Lilly Allen and "F you". I have had to explain to both of my children that these words are not acceptable and that if they were in the UK they would not be hearing them on the radio but unfortunately there is not a lot I can do in France about it.