Sweet potato plants in France? (mail order is fine)

I want to grow seet potatoes next year and have had no luck finding the plants in France - does anyone have a link for a decent supplier of plants for veggie plots for next year please?

I asked at the local garden centre and they had no idea what i was talking about :slight_smile:


Yep - that is pretty much what I did above. My shop bought sweet pot fine but I know that many our treated with an anti sprouting agent and so its best to give them a good scrub first.

Hope this helps

Thanks so much Natasha - I will definitely give this a go!

I LOVE sweet potatoes and eat loads so I tried to grow some this year. I could only find slips from UK so in the end I made my own!

I tried two methods (both I nabbed from a google search);

  1. Put a stick in to a SP and stick it in a jam jar filled with water. The stick is to keep some of it out of the water by balancing it on the top. After a few weeks roots should grow into water and little shoots off the top.

  2. I cut a SP in half and placed cut side down onto some soil in a pot (I used an old window box) and then put some more soil on top. Eventuarlly you will see some little shoots pop up.

With both ways once you start getting shoots (effectively slips) you just put them in the ground. Make sure they have lots of room to grow down and around and they will spread everywhere!

I didnt get much of a crop this year as I think I left it too late for them to grow much in the ground. However, it did work and so will be trying next year but just starting off earlier.

Hope this helps!