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Looks ideal John! I'll email you now

Hi James, pictures as promised. I can’t comment on the performance as I haven’t seen it in use, as I said just ordered in for a customer who then cancelled.

Thanks John

It should James, it's the kind of thing it was meant for, the smaller than inground filter units. I will go and get it out of storage and send you some photos.

That sounds ideal John, I get bored of vacuuming quite easily so if I could put that in the pool to do the same job I would be very happy! Do you think it will work well with my setup? ![](upload://4wJGGFp6B7oParlJG9tSU11AkMy.jpg)![](upload://2DLIWVQRD8tpijsQNtp7OlmVkop.jpg)

Hi James, yes that pretty much sums it up. I have an Intex above ground pool robot never used, (the little yellow car) I ordered it for a customer who changed their mind and got rid of the pool so it's available, just like to clear out the space.

Otherwise a manual cleaning head on the pole does just as well, it depends a little of the pump filter setup as above ground pools often have small setups not able to power a lot.

What options do I have for making my pool cleaning life easier this year. I have an above ground pool and I was hoping to get a fairly cheap suction robot that will randomly clean the bottom of the pool when I connect it to the skimmer. Is that how it works?

Just started refilling the, when I get the filters up and running I will have another go with the kit. I feel a screaming fit coming on!

Sorry Chris, absolutely no help from Certikin but what's new.

Ok lets see what comes back from Certikin Spain.............otherwise you may need a Spanish pool engineer.

If you could see if it is possible to get te version with full details of how it all works I would be very grateful. The one IO have just does not sut it I am afraid.


I will give Certikin a call later and see if I can get you one in English.


I have not even started yet as I have not a clue what I am doing. The handbooks are worse than useless (as described by the man who came once as being translated from Spanish to French then to English). I have tried to find them on the internet but cannot find the right one so will keep looking.

Will not be able to test it until I refill the pool anyway.

Thanks for your thoughts - will let you know if anything happens

Yes Paul, that's the same as you'll buy in a French Brico shed but at €12.90-18.00 ish. It's a 9.6 (10%) chlorine solution so that makes the math really easy. 45000 litre pool is 450ml to give 1ppm etc. You want it as fresh as you can get it as it's reactive and is breaking down constantly especially when allowed to get warm or shaken up a lot. Transporting that via the tunnel or ferry and you could be in trouble.

Nothing wrong with Calcium Hypochlorite except you can't buy it really cheaply in Brico sheds and it adds calcium which in some parts of France with already hard water would be bad and cause scaling and cloudy water.


I have found a product locally here in UK in a farmers supply store...


Sodium Hypochlorite

It is sold for 2 purposes;

Cleaning farming equipment


Cleaning and sanitising swimming pools

'dissolve 62.5 ml in 20 ltrs water add to each 5000 lts of pool water

Seems to be just the ticket, but why sodium and not calcium hypochlorite?


Well if you haven't changed the set points then cleaning the probes and checking the calibration against known levels should be the first step as it's the easiest. how far have you got?

You are absolutely correct John, but that leaves me in a position I would rather not be and it is why I am searching for someone who possible could help me - so far no-one has come forward.

The problem Chis is just as usual Pool companies and the half wits that work for them. selling kit you don't know how to connect? New kit arrives all the time and yes I have had to study the manuals and phone the manufacturers for advice but I understand the way it all hooks up as generally they are similar and in the case of your CTX that's a Certikin product and they have a big presence in the EU and UK, I don't personally like them as a company.

If your setup was working, it's most likely it's a servicing issue, cleaning the probes and calibrating the unit which is needed or should be checked twice a season. Probes do need replacing and some companies like Prominent recommend annual replacement whereas others 2-3 years.

TBH this chap you have used to supply who now can't find the guy who got him out of the do do last time doesn't sound like the sort of person to be let anywhere near equipment like this.

Yes Paul, whilst strips give an indication they are not accurate, the steps they go up in are just too broad to be useful. CYA stabiliser measurement is usually near hopeless and is best done with a turbidity type test.

The amount of water on strips varies according to the waters surface tension, how much you shake the strip or not and if the reagent water runs from one test blob to another.

I have found it ok in most cases to set the free chlorine level at 5% of the CYA level i.e. 50ppm CYA x 5% = free chlorine at 2.5ppm. It can go higher than this if required because some areas may need it and it can help when circulation is poor.

If you use the fine Desjoyaux filter bags you remove more dirt from the water and that means the chlorine has less to react with so it can last longer, similar to your fresh water fill. Sadly the standard Desy is more a strainer than a filter in the real sense.