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Anybody heard of 'Magiline' pools?

The process looks good and so does the cover. Its just the filtration I'm a bit worried about, the video demonstrates its more efficient than a sand filter?

Sadly Tony advertisements say whatever they want. The video on the site shows how much better their system is compared to a sand filter but that pool is small where a monoblock system will work and we didn't see any of the details of the sand filter setup. The big brag that sand filters to 45microns whereas Magiline is 15microns is a marketing tool. Generally fresh quality pool sand will filter to 20-25 microns and once some dirt is drawn in this improves the sand filtration to around 10-15microns as more fine particles clog the sand the pressure in the system rises and it requires a backwash to clean the filter but it would have been removing smaller and smaller particles at that point.

They brag about rapid water turnover, yes it is good to remove surface dirt before it can sink but that comes from good hydraulic design more than powerful pumps, even in the video you can see stationary or near staitionary particles on the surface, why? because like the majority of mono block filtration including Desjoyaux etc they filter through bags or cartridges on the inflow side of the pump. Water behaves like air and is difficult to suck compared to blowing. For an example try sucking out the candles on a cake rather than blowing. That means once some dirt has gone in to the filter the ability to suck goes very quickly just as Mr Dyson says.

Because of the idea that rapid turnover is good then all particles smaller than 15 microns are simply blasted back into the pool whereas slower filtration is better filtration in the same way as pushing food through a sieve produces a less clear liquid than being patient and allowing the slower flow to leave a cleare liquid.

Why is that important? The more dirt and bacteria/algae you can remove from the pool the less chemicals you need to run the pool and the less bad smelly chlorine reaction products are created. Why don't we run pumps for longer? Electricity costs.

The Magiline mono block filtration system uses 1500w/hour and is fitted to small and average sized pools. Bigger pools have two! A well designed hydraulic system and variable speed pump can be tuned to the pools needs and could use as little 100w/hour but running for longer which gives a much better result in water clarity as any dirt entering the pool when the pump is off will not be captured by the skimmer so sinks to the bottom which requires more manual cleaning.

There are better filtration media available than sand which give better results and can remove particles down to around 5microns without any floculation and with floculation down to 1micron which means capturing bacteria and oocysts like cryptosporidium which is responsible for upset stomaches and diarrhoea. Floculents cannot be used with bag or cartridge filters.

With Magiline, Desjoyaux etc there are often restrictive clauses in the 24 month waranty stating you must use their branded products exclusively or the liner will not be covered etc. I had a long session with a new pool owner showing them the chemicals branded by the pool company were widely available un branded for 30% of the price they were being charged.

It reflects with the sun and gives a wonderful marble effect.
We live in the country and it looks much more natural than a " Mediterranean" style.

dont go the magiline route

the filter is a large cartridge effort that can be problematic plus some of the pools only have one skimmer which they will say is ok but it isnt - 2 or more is much better for the water flow in the pool , plus any parts etc can only be purchased from them which will cost more.

traditional sand filters much easier to use / backwash etc and the sand will last around 5 years .

a salt water pool is still a chlorine pool except you dont put tablets in , the system creates chlorine on demand by electrolysis so tends to be gentler on the skin as there isnt the chlorine spike that you can get using tablets.

but of course the system costs more at the outset and if not looked after can become clogged up with limescale and residue of chemicals etc which will stop it working.


Hi we have had a Magiline salt pool for the last 5 to 6 years. Works fine now but we had loads of mind boggling problems for the first year or so. They ended by changing the pump and voila it’s been fine. (Touching wood!). They also made a gaff by leaving the trop plein hose over a fence, to our knowledge water doesn’t run uphill.
We went for the more expensive liner too which is guaranteed for 25 years. We reckoned it might do until we’re 85.
I think you need to get some references for the local installer. Also you need to watch their ongoing cost such as hivernage. The first year we paid for this expecting that the cost would include putting the pool back into function … Oh no another hefty bill. Since then we’ve taken a risk by running the pump for a few hours in the very early morning to stop ice forming which was recommended by a local pool maintenance firm.

If you choose a black or dark grey liner then ou will benefit from an uplift in heating of about two degrees, and they look wonderful.

Hi I operate a salt water pool here in not so sunny Perigord Vert.

I've had a sand filter now for six years and have always had crystal clear water An occasional backwash and rinse keep the system clean and I have yet to change the sand for the life of the pool, the different elements of the filtration and sanitisation system are all generic and thus should I need to replace any individual element then the whole market place is open to me rather than being tied to a specific supplier.

I researched the magiline pools before settling else where, in particular I disliked the need to pay for new cartridges every so often, I cannot remember the material that is used for the actual pool construction but at that time the majority were proposing galvanised sheets, now ferrous materials even zinc coated do not sit well in a damp environment and specifically do not last in the presence of salt.

I eventually settled for a system that was based upon Graphite reinforced plastic with NO steel or stainless parts from 'Europiscine' My agent was 'Autour de l'eau' based in Perigueux. Have a chat with Francois, his Franglais is quite good.