Swimming pool, cleaning and diffaclean

Hello everybody.

We just bought a house in provence, and at the same time bought a pool.
Even though we already signed, we still got the opportunity to add extra equipment until they start building the pool in april.
So what we are considering at the moment is what extra equipment we want.

They suggested a salt cleaning system. They told us the advantage is that it is less maintenace, since you only need to check up on the system every 6 months. And of course it’s more healthy that clourine. Anyone got any experince with this?

Another thing they suggestest is a selfcleaning system called diffaclean, from the company diffazur. They told us that it would clean the pool up to 90%, compared to the 50% that a cleaning robot could do. Anyone know anythnig about this?

Any help is appriciated! :smiley:

Hi Martin,

I look after 20 pools down in the Carcassonne region, two of which now have salt systems. My experience of the system is that the only thing they stop is the need for a weekly standard chlorine dose. (That would save you about 1€ per week for every 25m3 of pool). Everything else still needs to be checked, (pH, alkalinity, calcium, etc). Guests at some of the properties have said the water feels softer than a chlorinated pool. The system works by producing chlorine at a set level regardless of conditions so it will over produce in the cooler weather and not produce enough in very hot weather so you would still need to shock the pool with chlorine occasionally. You can adjust the amount the unit produces but if you are constantly adjusting the unit you might as well be dosing manually each week.

As you can tell, i am yet to be convinced by salt chlorinators. Not come across Diffaclean yet.

Happy to answer any other pool related questions.

We shall be spending this weekend with someone who already has a salt-cleaning pool. It’s been a few years now… so I should be able to find out how things are going and what they think about it…

It would be harsh to say they were lying to you, they may just not know what they are talking about (very common in the pool industry).

Salt is converted into chlorine so there is no difference to use the term “healthy” As Dave said there is no shortcut to looking after a pool and testing the water with a decent tester and not dip strips.

Diffaclean is an inground cleaning system which may work for a while but fine silt gets in and jets stop working after a while is a common complaint around the world for these types of units. What the company gets is a maintenance income stream.

If the pool is built well and setup in a 21st century way you’ll get lower maintenance and much lower running costs.