Swimming Pool Heater

Can anyone help? I have a Cristaline heat pump pool heater where the heat exchange cylinder has cracked. I want to replace the cylinder but Cristaline don't seem to have a phone number or email address and the supplier [internet] is not responding to my emails. Does anyone know of a stockist, installer or supplier in S W France who might be able to help? The heater is model RJ-180R/N2.

Thank you Jane: that is most useful. My local pool supplier - usually very helpful - simply said "Buy a new heater" - as if I'm made of money! I've emailed them a detailed enquiry and now wait with bated breath. In the meantime, I've patched mine together with brown paper and string (well, actually epoxy putty and inox bands) and hope it will last till the end of the season,because this amazing summer heat can't last forever.

We have used 1st-Direct.com, based in Dorset. Their phone no is 08009995050. They are very knowledgable and helpful and their postage rates are very reasonable.

Thanks David. I will measure the dratted thing, take photos and contact various entreprises de piscine!

Crystaline went into "liquidation judiciare" in September 2011. I think your best bet might be to contact another pool /plumbing company. It may be that Crystaline used a generic product which they rebadged and other brands may fit.