Swimming Pool Help PLEASE Complete Novice

Many thanks for the help re our liner. Overground 4.5m pool is now full with normal tap water. I know we need to test the water quality and that’s about it. We have some clarifant tabs , Antincalcaire, Chlor multi-action galets so far.
What is the start-up procedure re pump,filter , what chemicals I need to buy just in case the levels are wrong. I have absolutely no idea what to do and the internet seems to have conflicting info

Would really appreciate help Thanks


Firstly, make sure everything that should be tight is tight - drain valves, jubilee clips, pipe connectors etc. Then, if you have valves on your skimmer and inlet, open them up to let water into the pump, and bleed the air from it. You also need to make sure the filter (is it a sand filter/new sand?) is full. Set the valve to filtration and start the pump. Water should be drawn through the skimmer, into the pump, through the filter and back into the pool. If it’s a new installation, the filter sand should be backwashed (setting on filter) until the water is clear before filtering back into pool.

If all of that’s good, then get some chlorine in, usually best to use high strength bleach to start with - 20 litre from a brico shed is about €15, maybe put 5 litres in to start to give the system a “shock”. You need a testing kit, basic ones do pH and total chlorine. Ideally 3ppm chlorine and pH of about 7.4. If it’s above or below, adjust using the right chemicals pH+ or pH-).

Hope this helps a bit, Good luck

Many thanks


Joyce you’ll need to introduce some chlorine stabiliser into the water via granular stabiliser or multi action galets/choc/lent. Without this the chlorine will burn off with the sunlight in around 2 hours.
All of the above information is good but remember to vent the air from the top of the sand filter via the little bleed screw.

My advice would be to consider employing a professional. He/she would probably need to visit only once or twice a year, and the cost will probably be smaller than what it might cost you to repair your mistakes. I, also a complete novice, struggled with my pool for some years and then I found a reliable and helpful professional. I wish I had been able to employ him from the moment I acquired the pool. I would very likely have spent less, and you get peace of mind.

Thank you for the help


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were a professional pool person on the forum :thinking::wink:


Wonder who that could be…? :slight_smile: