Swimming pool liner advice

If you were building your swimming pool again, what advice do you wish you had been given?

So far, mine is built of concrere blocks reinforced with metal and beton and aggregate inside the hollow part of the blocks. It is 7 x 3 metres. Now we have to decide on liner or solid concrete .

Which retailer do you recommend for the best value liner?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated .

My advice would be research, research, research! We built a 25m x 4 lap swimming pool in our garden as Im a swim coach and triathlete, we spent a long time working out the best options eventually settling on a kit that we had shipped in from the US from Pool Warehouse. Its made from plastic panels and included the filter, pump, Hayward omnicontroller and so on, we saved a lot of money that way and did most of the work ourselves. We planned every stage, I think the scariest was cutting the liner for the main drains in the bottom - measure twice (at least) and cut once :smiley:

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Not really one for me to answer is it?
Only point to mention is liners are easier to manage chemical wise.

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other than the good advice re chemicals… for that, you can always be relied upon… :hugs:

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Thank you very much for your helpful reply. I’d love a 25m pool but neither finances nor garden would allow it sadly. I’ll certainly follow your advice to do lots of research though

I too was very apprehensive about cutting the liner ourselves but in the end we couldn’t get any in the time my son had available. He works on the pool when he comes from England to stay with me.

Thank you - that sounds good advice. It’s great to get some replies at last.
I worded my question badly and was thinking I should slink back to being a silent member.

Thank you for the advice on liners and pool chemistry.
I wish you’d write a book on pool chemistry for beginners. Far from an original thought, I know

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Heck no… don’t be silent… join in… please ask questions… and/or throw your two penn’orth in if there is a subject on which you’ve got some experience (good or bad)

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Hi Sally I did start writing a book about 4 years ago, I stopped because successful authors can keep the reader interested with comic quirks etc. Sadly my writings were so boring you’d be asleep in no time. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::flushed:
Best bit was the title, 50 shades of green😂

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