Swimming pool paint

After one year the the paint used from the Piscine Center crumbled and proved to be of poorest quality.
I tried for weeks last year to contact Christalline Piscine for Aquabright but after even driving to Nice I found out the office does not exist actually.
I have to paint over the existing paint, we have a chlorinated pool and I am lost with products in France. A strong grey chlorine resistant paint is what I need - acrylic is probably better.
But where do you get good paints around CANNES area? I have spent hours to find shops but without success!
I appreciate your advise!!

Paint is just a waste of money and time. I will see if I can find an Aquabright dealer, alternatively there is polyurea coating or onsite vinyl liner which has some great textured finishes.

Perhaps surprisingly, the best paint I’ve found is not from a specialist supplier, but from Leroy Merlin - the brand is Oxytol (just search peinture piscine on the LM website).
We have a salt-water pool which might make a difference - but (unlike previous paint) I have been amazed at how this has kept its colour etc over the last 2 years (previously I was repainting every 2-3 years).

That is still a chlorinated pool.

Obviously - but generally there’s less chlorine.

Not obvious to many and about the same chlorine level as it is doing exactly the same role.

I just cleaned the pool with a Kächer and the paint bubbles off.
When it was repaired they glued a nylon meshing on the Béton. Obviously the acrylic paint was not right with 2 coats.
Depressing ! It cost me a fortune to repair.
I looked up the internet and a chlorinated synthetic rubber paint was recommended.
I am desperate because the pool must be ready for the summer and I have spent so much time looking for the right paint.
I truly thank you for your replies and thoughts about my misery!!

Chlorinated rubber paint is rubbish you’ll get a season or two before you’ll need to do it again.

I am glad you are telling me that! Acrylic is the only one for about 2 years I guess.
Appreciate your advise!

Sorry but I am not going to lie, sometimes the truth hurts but it’s the truth. colleagues and I hoped for success with epoxy paint for pools but 2 years later they all began flaking and chipping off. On-site lining may not be the lowest cost option but compared to re-doing the paint every 2-3 years and the water cost as well 15years for a liner is good value.

Our pool liner is about 14 years old and the guy who changed our sand filter says we should get another 5 out of it so definitely a worthwhile investment.