Swimming Pool Paints

It looks like I'll have to repaint my pool this winter. I've used 2 brands of solvent-based acrylic before one Spanish and most recently French (not as good, either in terms of application or longevity).
I have 2 questions:
1. If I use acrylic again, what's your experience of the best brands?
2. Some epoxy formulations claim they can be applied over old acrylic - can anybody advise on this?

Geof, I have experience of repainting pools and I would not use any acrylic.

I would not put a fresh coat of paint on anything other than the same coat properly prepared, every time you use a different substrate you risk delamination and I do not want to face a customer and have to empty a pool re paint any areas or indeed the whole pool again and refill and re balance the water at my expense or have a claim against my insurance.

You seem to want to take the easy route so why not follow the instructions from the manufacturer at least then you can blame them and claim you followed their instructions.

I have emails from people off forums who used XYZ product and followed the instructions and they went to court the company paid them out but with a blabbing order attached so they can't mention who's paint it was. This was in France from a well known paint manufacturer.

I won't give out recommendations any more as retail customers who don't know what they are doing fail to follow the instructions and then blame the company for the shortcomings even though the same paint has been used in hydrotherapy pools for horses without an issue.

I won't use anything else but epoxy on your type of work, applied after sand blasting off any previous coatings.

Very interesting John.

However, I would still welcome any thoughts from folks with any experience of the questions I actually asked - the best brands of acrylic, and the claims of some manufacturers that their epoxy will in fact adhere to acrylic...

1. Do you like painting LoL?

2. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link and an acrylic under coat has to be the weak link. I would blast off the acrylic and begin a fresh with epoxy.

Other coverings including liners could be used.