Swimming pool problem

(David Daish) #1

Hi all the problem I have is with hoovering I have plenty of water power from the outlet and when put the pipe cover in the scimmer plenty of water power where you fit the pipe but when I put the pipe in I lose all the power there is no blockage in the pipe and enough water in pool never had this problem before thank you in advance

(John Withall) #2

Are you filling the vacuum pipe with water first? Hold the pipe over the return fill and push out the air, slap your hand over the end and then connect to the vacuum plate.

(David Daish) #3

yes John I do that all the time the thing that I am wondering if air is getting into the filter canister because I can bleed off air all the time before the water squirts out

(John Withall) #4

Yes, very possibly, sounds like you are drawing in air somewhere around the connection. Tricky for me to make comment from behind a computer

(David Daish) #5

Yes I will work on that for now thank you

(Bill Morgan) #6

Decided a while ago, I can afford the pool, but I can’t afford the maintainance ‘chappie’, so, I really can’t afford one :cry:

(John Withall) #7

Why can’t you look after it yourself, not tricky.

(Bill Morgan) #8

Sure I could, but not that interested John, now if I could afford ‘the whole hog’, and have a covered, all year job. :thinking:
Euro Mills this week? :grin:

(David Daish) #9

Hi John I found a little screw in plug underneath the basket of the pump had come undone but I cracked plastic right angle that comes out of the bottom of filter canister it has a 2 inch thread and a gripper for 2 inch flexible pipe to the cir.pump but the supplier (waterair pools)no longer deal with that firm (unknown to me )and do not have it in accessories nor do Zike in there catalog any ideas where I might get it from?

(John Withall) #10

Ok any chance of a photo? 2"BSP right angle to stepped pipe tail, male or female BSP?
Shouldn’t be a problem but a photo would confirm it

(David Daish) #11


(David Daish) #12

also got imprint 1105-z-4

(John Withall) #13

Just to check, 1 1/2"bsp is about 1 3/4" dia, 2"BSP is about 2 1/4"dia. You may find something similar in a brico shed in the water pump section.

(John Withall) #14

Any update?

(David Daish) #15

sorry John been unable to get one local I have managed to glue it for now it’s holding ok but need to get one

(John Withall) #16

Ok, I could order one but likely to take a while being a special order. Depending on how much space you have you, or I, could make similar from a hose tail connector and a male threaded elbow glued together.

If you could confirm the dimension from my previous question?

(David Daish) #17

Going up to Niort next week will try there