Swimming Pool Water Auto-Top Up System

Our pool was supposed to have a built-in automatic water top-up system but the constructor "overlooked" or forgot to install it. He has since been sacked by us for that and other problems.

Does anyone know of a suitable retrofit system that can be installed (e.g. connecting into the skimmer) without emptying the pool? If so, from where can they be obtained?

My plumber has suggested using a toilet cistern float arrangement either in or located by the skimmer and feeding water into it, with an overflow pipe. This will involve digging up some of the pool surround in order to lay piupes for the water supply and overflow drainage we don't want above-ground pipework. Nor do we want to hang a hosepipe over the pool edge!

Any sensible suggestions will be gratefully received.

Thank you in advance.

Mel Anthony

Hi Peter and welcome to the group.

Yes Peter, absolutely, It's always a good idea to turn them off periodically to watch if there is any water loss other than a bit for evaporation but likewise a water meter from a Brico shed/ DIY store doesn't cost much and it's worth monitoring what you do use. Under the DDASS ARS document you are supposed to have a water meter to monitor the 30litres / bather of fresh water you should replace per day.

I bow to John's expertise, so await his comment, but doesn't having automatic filling mask a leak?
You could potentially run up a water bill of several thousand €s without realising you have a problem.

Hi Melvin and welcome to the pool group.

Yes an oversight or the installer hadn't fitted one before and without detailed training probably couldn't manage it. Good news is there are auto fills you can buy and fit and some work just like a toilet cistern. Can't get away from some excavation near the skimmer though but if they didn't fit an overflow to the skimmer then a good idea to fit one whilst you are at it.

Regulateur de niveau is what you need. They are best installed into the pool basin so you may need to partially drain although some can fit into the skimmer I have seen issues where they constantly pull in fresh water due to the water flow through the skimmer.