Swimming pools... another thing

advice on automatic cleaners & on pool alarms please...

we've inherited a pool to look after at a 'luxury chateau' (posh gite!)

the pool man's done a runner along with the pool alarm and also with the 'sweepy' - the automatic cleaner thing. we can get the chemical balance right (and thanks John Withall for your brilliant advice) but i think we need these asap for the first paying guests in 2 weeks! eeek...

thanks x teresa

Hi Teresa,

Thanks for the acknowledgment, slight blush from here. Yes you need a security device of some sort to comply with regulations and if an alarm was in place before that is probably the easiest way to comply. I make no judgements as to whether alarms are worth fitting but some form of complying security needs to be in place no matter what just in case.

Over the years following the introduction of the rules I have fitted many alarms. Firstly I would say forget any kind of customer backup from the companies (one company markets 3 different alarms) they were taken over in 2010 by the parent company so maybe things have improved. Of all the alarms I have fitted only one type lasted any significant time passed the guarantee period. It was originally designed by Philips apparenty.

I don't know how large the pool is or what facilities it has for cleaning connections but I have yet to find a robotic pool cleaner that can match the speed and accuracy let alone the cost of doing it the old fashioned way with a vacuum head on a pole with the hose into the skimmer or vac port on the pool!

If you want to spend the money then that's fine or someone elses money LoL