Switching energy supplier

In early March, I followed up an email about changing my supplier of propane gas and electricity.
I found that EDF was slightly more expensive than BUTAGAZ but FINAGAZ was vastly more expensive for gas, €2340/tonne as opposed to €1590, so I contacted BUTAGAZ and a rep came round pdq, explained the procedure, assured us that it could be done quickly but that we would need an inspection of the citerne, buried in the garden, as it would need to be changed. That was carried out a few days later and FINAGAZ was notified of the switch, they acknowledged receipt of that letter with AR by returning the card. BUTAGAZ notified the firm to do the changeover on the same day, 12 March.
A few days later, we ran out of gas, my fault as I misread the level, so we had no central heating and no hot running water but it meant that we would not lose any gas on changeover and FINAGAZ would surely notify the changeover firm immediately?
They did absolutely nothing, I sent 5 emails requesting a date as soon as possible as my wife had been into hospital with a heart problem: we did not receive a telephone call until 26 March when FINAGAZ proposed that we cancel the BUTAGAZ contract and sign with them again we would then get a gas delivery at a special price of €990!!!
I refused that and eventually received a form to send back to them with details to send on for a removal of the tank intimating that, on receipt, that would be done 3 weeks later.
How nice it would have been to receive that on 12 March!
If you are switching, be warned.
If you are disgusted by FINAGAZ’s actions and are on Facebook, please pass on the story, they will only change if they lose business.
Meanwhile, has anybody got a spare shower head to fit on a bucket? (only joking!)