Switching from orange saga

Hi all

In order to save money on our Orange internet/fixe package we have switched to La poste mobile which offers broadband router/fixe/mobiles for less than we were paying Orange. However, nothing is that simple, a letter of resolution was sent to Orange, our line was cut, and now we have no service during 20 days, calling the support line we are told a technician will contact us shortly…Any ideas where to go from here? We are trying to run several small businesses, all dependent on internet.

So what are your new people (La Poste) doing about it? They presumably just rent the line from Orange who own the infrastructure. Usually, Orange will just tell you that you have to report any problems through your new provider. Not very helpful! Hell hath no fury like an Orange scorned!
We have done the same, cancelled our Orange account but have no need for the line in any form as we have moved to a Bouygues 4G router which has no reliance whatsoever on a fixed line to our house. It is considerably cheaper than Orange and gives us around a consistent 20 mbps as opposed to about 4 mbps from the Orange router. Our smart TV picks up molotov.tv so we can continue to watch French TV channels.
All over, a much better package and nice easy people to deal with as mostly done on-line.
We have our mobiles with them as well. Currently, we pay 4.99€ each for 20 Go/month - extraordinarily good value IMHO (but a little more expensive now for new sign-ups) and I have yet to find a place where the signal is poor.

Thank you for all that info Graham, Orange told us it was not possible for us to have internet access without renting a line from them, we are in an unbundled area, so I thought they were just trying it on, but why is it taking La poste mobile so long to sort it out? Maybe everyone is an vacances? We may be switching again!!!

You can test your eligibility to Bouygues by following the link.