Sworn Translators

Hi. I have just found out that I need to have my birth certificate and marriage certificate translated for CPAM by a sworn translator. Has anybody in the Limousin area used a sworn translator and a)how much did it cost and b)how long did it take? I would rather take the documentation to them rather than send it in the post. Thank you in advance.

Hi Anita,

I can always provide a sworn translation for you if you like, please email me with your requirements.



Admin Support Specialist

Yup me too.

Send it back wit a copy of your EU passport. Tell them they are violating the :

 Acte d’Amsterdam

 Acte unique européen

 Charte des droits fondamentaux de l’Union européenne

Tell them that if they don’t accept your documents that are in an official language of the European Union, you will go to the European Commisions SolveIT service and have the European Union come down on them like a ton of bricks.

It worked for me :smiley:

The trouble is that without the translations you very often can't get anywhere at all ......try getting married over here to create more problems !!! Our existing certificates -and translations weren't sufficient as everything had to be produced within the last 3 months ....nothing changes on uk certificates ...but that's how it is !

Anyway our translator is based at Le Dorat and charged €25 for each certificate translated ....her name is Christine Clisson ...tel 06 72 71 78 23 ....e mail cchristine.clisson@orange.fr

We hope not to need her again !

I agree with you Richard. We have had lots of dealings with CPAM in the past couple of years and never been asked for translations of our birth/marriage certificates. No rhyme nor reason as to why in one area they insist upon costly translations and in another just accept the English without question.

Sorry this isn't an answer, but it always amazes me why a French administration office would want a translation of a birth certificate or a marriage certificate. They're not exactly hard to understand in any language that uses the same letter set, being mainly dates and names.......Also I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but back in the days of the carte de sejour, I was asked for this from somebody in the sous préfecture, only to find by going to the préfecture instead, it wasn't actually necessary !

Yes please. It is good to use a recommended person. Thank you.

We have had to get several different certificates translated and live in Creuse...have used the same helpful lady each time and only ever e mailed scans of the documents to her ...she then posts the translations within a couple of days . I think it ws about €25 or €30 for each one ....if you'd like details I can look it up tomorrow ?

Have a lok in Useful Links, the translation page. Several suggestions there though don't remember if any are in the Limousin.

It SHOULD take about 10 minutes because of the typing them out (actual translation takes seconds) and if they charge you more than about 45€ then it is a rip-off.