Tablet Playstore

Hope I am in the right discussion group. I just bought OH a Samsung Galaxy 2TAB 10 in France for xmas. Have changed language over from french to english (for his sake mainly). However a lot or most of the Apps in the Playstore are french - can I change this or even download all the English apps available in Playstore within in a UK bought tablette.

No, it's not unreasonable to assume people browsing from France are probably French and speak French. What is unreasonable, however, is to assume EVERYONE is and not to give any possibility to specify otherwise. For an international world-wide service, this is not acceptable. There are only few intelligently done sites where you can specify country and language separately.

Did you try searching for a book or an app that you want?

In the tablette Play Store, you can search for a app and it will find it, regardless of language. They are all there, it's just the recommendations that are "location adjusted".