TAG - removal advice please

When we first came to France we got a TAG for the motorway tolls. At some subsequent point the company issued a replacement for some reason.
Naturally the windscreen attached holder didn’t match the original.
Now we are about to spend some time in Spain and Portugal and have had to change to a different TAG, one that works in all three countries.

Now we’ve three tag holders on the windscreen because we cannot get the two original ones off.
We’ve tried as much brute force as we dare but the original two holders just won’t budge. Baked on for 10 years !

Has anyone come across this before - or any suggestions on removal?

Stanley knife blade, a bit of WD40 for any residue


I’ve been a bit unsure about using a knife because that top part of the screen has a black sunscreen which I’m frightened of damaging

Most of the adhesive pads are a gel or foam type with a 1mm or so of cuttable without fear of damaging the screen. If you are nervous try a hair dryer to soften the glue pad.


You can do a scissor action with fishing line behind the mount


Yes I would (gently) warm it up a bit. I don;t think you’ll do any damage to those black dots - they are there to help distribute heat more evenly on the windscreen so I think they will take it!

I had a SANEF tag holder on the (polycarbonate) screen of my motorbike but it stopped adhering and was in danger of falling off after a long run in the sun last summer!

I now keep my tag in a front pocket of my motorcycle jacket and it still operates the toll gates quite happily, plus nobody can pinch it!

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We used to use a guitar string for removing bonded windscreens, same principle :+1:

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@Highlander , oh dear, at first, as a serial avoider of peages, I thought the problem was around your ankle as an alternative to prison. :astonished: :rofl:


Can you still see out of the windscreen?!!

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I used my old SAS garotte.

A cheese wire might work.


When you do the mileages we do motorways are a necessity!

Clustered around the rear view mirror.

The new tag came with two holders and one is for our historic rally car, in which we are doing the London-Lisbon rally which starts from Brooklands next week.
Being a ‘66 car the windscreen isn’t exactly large and already has navigational/regularity/speed aids attached to the bottom of the screen. So I’m not wishing to leave the TAG holder on the Amazon after the car is returned to the UK after the event

Not really, when I regularly did 80,000 kms per year, to the furthest 4 points of the then EU (ie. Malaga, Inverness, Vigo & Budapest) I managed to avoid most of them. :joy:

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Mine has been moved across 4 or 5 cars over the years, and since I removed it from the first screen (a bit of heat I think :thinking:) I’ve used a small square of double sided mirror tape. Sticks like the proverbial shit to a blanket, but is easy to remove too, both from the screen and holder when needed.


In our case it’s getting between two points in the fastest available time, and that is invariably motorway

Yes. I had the same problem. I suggest you visit your nearest Carglass or other replacement windscreene center. If you ask them nicely, offer to pay, they will surely remove the supports for you. They have the knack & experience. G

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Where we are in France we’re a tad far from them. But it’s a good suggestion since at the moment we are in the UK (near Carlisle) and that means plenty of choice!

ULYS (Vinci) tags cover France, Italy,Spain & Portugal
2 euros a month charge only if you use them plus toll charges of course…

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