If one is in a place like a museum or library, or undertaking an exam, a degree of silence is usually required.

In the UK, any unacceptable noise would be met by a stern glare and a forceful “Shhh!” from one of the Guardians of the Silence.

What be the French euivalent, please? I’m sure that the “taisez-vous” of my O Levels has long been superceded!

Silence s’il vous plait?

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Thanks very much Jane.

I wonder if there would be something non-verbal like the UK-wide “shhh” or “shush”?

bit extreme getting the taser out to shut people up! :rofl:

Finger on the mouth?

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Sometimes, Graham, it’s the only way :rofl:

Apparently my left eyebrow goes up all by itself and the ‘look’ is enough to freeze anyone at several paces…not my words I might add but I’ve found it an effective way of getting people to shut up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good ideas. I’m a firm believer in a Paddington Bear hard stare but I really need a sonic signal to signify silence…

A shhuh sound is pretty universal, especially when accompanied by a glare. But “silence!” works.

Ah yes… the famous “Chairman’s PA” glare… Some of those can melt paint 10 metres away.

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You say “chut” which you pronounce almost like shütttt.
And you glare (and if you like you can be dramatic and use two fingers to point at your eyes then at them and maybe then draw your hand over your throat while rolling your eyes back in your head … ) but “chut” will do fine.


Yes I’ve been told that too :woman_facepalming:t2:.
I promise that I am not a monster :rofl:

mille mercis - c’est exactement ce que je voulais.


LMAO :joy::joy::nerd_face::nerd_face::books:
Why so many fillers needed?