Taking a French Car to UK

Hi all.

We are trying to sort out getting a UK friend back to the UK (she has been ill) and her dog to her son on the Isle of Man.

She has a car in France but cannot now drive, so one suggestion is her son drives her back to the Uk taking the dog as well (all pet passport and change of ownership done) .

I have read somewhere that a UK resident cannot drive a French car in the Uk. Are there exceptions such as this where the owner is there but cannot drive.

The owner of the car was going to sell it to another Brit friend who is currently working in the UK can she transfer it to her in the UK?



My Danish pal could not drive his UK reg van in DK but it was OK if I [res UK then] was driving with him in it.

some 13+ years ago now but that is precisely what we did.
I took the train to Wales to meet with the owner, pay for the car having insured it with a French company (the same one as the owner had it insured with), complete the paperwork and then drove the French previously owned car back to Essex where I lived 2 weeks before moving permanently to France.
So, in essence, I was a UK resident at the time of collecting the car but it only remained in UK for a very short time before it was permanently moved back to France. The chances of being pulled by the Police were minimised as a result and I took great care not to exceed speed limits etc (the car only had kilometres on the speedo).

It would depend on the buyer’s status & how long she would be in the UK.
When a transfer is made the new carte grise is sent to a French address within a few days (the buyer’s principal residence) where she would need to sign for it. If she is not there it is returned as undelivered to ANTS after 15 days. It is sent out a second time but again, if not signed for it goes back to ANTS.