Taking a hire car out of the country

Help! I have hired a car with Europcar for a road trip at the end of Nov. We are going to Germany via Belgium and Holland and then wanted to hop on a ferry to the UK.

The guy in the agency yesterday said he didn’t think I’d be allowed to take the car on the ferry. Reading all the small print in the Conditions Générale it would appear that I am entitled to drive the vehicle in the UK but must have written permission to put it on a boat or a train.

No one (and I mean no one) at Europcar appears to know who can give me this written permission.

So my question to you ever helpful and wise people is have you ever taken a hire out of the country? And if so, did you get written permission?

Bizarre! I hired a van, from Europcar Paris, and I told them that I was taking it to the U.K. I did not say how, but presumably they didn’t think that I was going to drive there. I drove to Dieppe, took the Dieppe to Newhaven ferry, drove in the U.K. and returned 5 days later. I was not questioned at any time when I took the ferry. I’m not saying that you should ignore what you’ve been told, but that’s my story.

It’s worth noting that I got a better price by booking from the U.K. and I got more mileage.

However, do be aware that the insurance on Europcar is the scam. You are insured for the bare minimum and they put any accident on your credit card. When I asked that my liability be reduced from 1,500€ to 500€, they put an extra 100€ on my bill (20% more). I had no choice but to pay it.

No, I too have tried and they don’t do rent it here leave it there anywhere in France, unless I am unaware of it.

Thanks Marc,

I think that was all I needed to hear.

The conditions générale are quite clear that you can drive in the UK and I will be bringing the car back to St Malo where I’m hiring it from, so I think so long as there’s no danger of a ferry company refusing to take the vehicle on board, there should be no problem.

Thanks again!

My pleasure. :slight_smile:

Have a great time Wendy and let us know how it all went, when you return.

Some years ago I needed to hire a van in France to collect the last of our posessions from the UK. A van hire company in 14500 provide the necessary vehicle. When I told them what I was up to with the van they were totally uninterested as it was remaining in the EU at all times i.e. their standard insurance covered use throughout - why wouldn’t it?
I had tried to do a similar thing from a hire company in the UK, but they put up all kinds of barriers & extra cost for going elsewhere in the EU. Speaks volumes…

Jonathan Badger (14500)

Another advantage of the EU which the Quitlings haven’t thought about.Also an indication of the limited view of British industry.

For the record, I have just hired a car from Enterprise, took it over to the UK on Brittany Ferries and back again. No problems!
The car is not insured on the ferry but is covered for driving in the UK. Enterprise and Avis, aparently, are the only agencies who do it.
So there you have it - you can hire a car in France and take it to the UK on the ferry!