Taking a sample?

The vet has told me to catch some of my ill male cats wee for testing …How the earth do I do that ???

did u have any luck with any of the tips? & hope the cat’s ok!

You obviously never got your Girl Guide ‘How to collect a feline urine sample’ badge then!!!

Thanks everyone for the tips … fingers cross one works …

One thing you could TRY is what we did with one of our girl cats on our (UK) vet’s advice - keep the cat on its own in a closed room overnight with a clean empty litter tray and in the morning, if you’re lucky, there’ll be a wee in it. We did, and there was (more than ample for the sample!)

It is not impossible and here are a few tricks you can use in litter boxes that will allow you to collect a sample afterwards.

  • gravel stones like the type you find in aquariums – make sure to sure small-sized ones that your cat can easily shift to do his burying. Wash the stones CLEAN, and ensure they’re not powdery to the touch, and they’re not porous. Once your cat has finished, you just need to tip the box up, and use the syringe to get the sample.
  • cloth. Or more sensibly, rags. In strips. Again, ensure they’re CLEAN. Once your cat goes for his wee, you can just wring the strips into the sample container.
  • paper strips. Same operating principle as the cloth strips.

Hope this helps

There is no way. I had to do the same thing for my female cat and it was impossible. I had to finally take her to the vet and the vet took a sample after sedating her???