Taking in 2 newborn kittens

I am toying with the idea of fostering 2 newborn kittens, but have a few reservations.

a) I have 3 grown cats, b) feeding, weaning, cleaning the kitties… Has anybody got any tips, advice or suggestions???



I’ll sleep over it one more night… Thanks for your help.

When they are 6/7 weeks Claudia, you should be able to find homes for them. there are loads of websites around to help and these kittens will be very sociable and used to humans thats for sure!

The SPA does not take them, they are too young. The lady who runs a charity isn’t available. The kitties are currently with somebody, but who says they cannot look after them as they have a dog. I am just afraid I am stuck with 5 cats afterwards… :frowning:

problem is if mum has no interest then the kittens really do need help, if not yours, then is there a cat charity nearby?

Hi Lynn,
yes I agree with you, kittens should stay as long as possible with their mum. But in this case, mum had other ideas.
Exactly what you mentioned are the reasons why I am hesitating…

Hi Claudia,
First question is why these cats need to be fostered? Depending on circumstances, it is always best for them to stay with their mother until at least 6/8 weeks old.
If it is necessary, I can tell you that is extremely hard work, exhausting, sometimes very upsetting and hugely rewarding.
The kittens will need feeding every 2 hours depending on age, you’ll need to be their mum, cleaning their bottoms - wiping to stimulate the necessary!, keeping them warm - kittens have no ability to retain body temperature so giving them a covered warm water bottle to snuggle into is ideal if you don’t have a dedicated heat pad.
It is also advisable to keep them separate from your other cats in a clean environment as, if they are not receiving mums immunities they can very quickly catch nasty viruses and bacterias and at this age they can fade very quickly. Dehydration is fatal for kittens and this can happen so, so quickly.