Taking my parrots to France

Hello Everyone,

Myself and my Partner are in the process of finding a property to buy in France with the intention of relocating. We have loads of questions on a wealth of issues but one which I am struggling to find an answer to is this:

What do I need to do to relocate my 2 pet parrots to France?

I have been in touch with Defra who have been very helpful and provided me with the information I need in relation to them leaving the Uk, but what I cant seem to bottom out is are there any extra regulations surrounding their entry into France? I believe that there may be things I have to do particularly concerning bird flu.

If anyone can assist I would be most grateful, and whilst on the subject, is anyone aware of any avian vets in Normandy? We will be moving to Caen and internet searches are currently not finding any.

Thanks very much!


PS apologies for not introducing myself first but just going straight into a question......

Hi Hazel and Gary,

Thanks for the advice. I keep reading things about extra regulations due to bird flu, but cant seem to firm them up!

We are looking to settle in Caen, so fingers crossed I can find a vet there…

Hi there, as far as i know you technically need a vets health certificate to say the birds are fit to travel. I rescue parrots but all of mine have come from France and mainland Europe. I will check with some friends who brought their two parrots over - highly unlikely you will be actually be asked for anything as coming from UK to France there doesn’t seem to be a problem with any animals, its going back thats more techncial.

I’ll ask my friends today and let you know - hopefully later today.

Can’t help with vets as we are at the other end of the country but usually you have to go to large cities for an avian specialist, though we were lucky with a small practice about 11km away, best thing is to go to a local vet when you arrive and ask, they are usually really helpful and most vets we use do speak good English.

Be in touch later and welcome to Survive France.

We brought out cockateil with us from the UK. We just filled out an export cert from Defra and the vet looked him over before we came out to make sure he was in good health. He actually stayed on his seated on his perch from Suffolk to the Charente, in the luton of our horsebox with 4 dogs and 5 horses as company. It was an ‘interesting’ and rather noisy journey!!

Thanks Brian,

I had a look at that link… most useful!


Thanks Cathy,

I am going to speak to my UK vet, and am currently trying (and failing) to find an avian vet anywhere in France let alone near Caen!

Hopefully my current vet will be able to help

Thanks again

I got passports for cat and dog renewed recently...parrot?..

Nothing necessary, my vet said..

If they're homing Parrots you will need to be careful that they don't escape and try to fly home, could be a watery grave....

Hi, I also need to bring my pet parrots in France. I moved to France in January and I left my two parrots behind in Oman due to some papers required. I am having a hard time getting the import certificates here as the guy in charge made his own rules. I provided all the needed documents even the cites export permit from Oman but this guy here requires a lot of papers other than those in the original list provided on the website. I really need some help if you can recommend someone who can help me. I really miss my parrots it’s been 4 months already.