Taking on a property with a caretaker who you don't need...help!

Sadly not… (although you did make me smile).:upside_down_face:

buying/selling is an emotional time all round. The lack of language and thus reliance on the honesty of the Agent, is not bringing out the best in some previously well thought-of Agents… :zipper_mouth_face:

Mmm… yes, more and more like politics, now I think about it… :crazy_face:

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It used to be second hand car and snake oil salesmen :slightly_smiling_face:
How we have moved on eh :thinking:

But the sellers would be responsible. Not the buyer.

What I am talking about is upsetting the neighbours, the moral ethical side as it were


I see where Mary is coming from with this. It may all be perfectly legal but would you want to potentially dive into a hornet’s nest of problems? Surely you want to feel totally at ease in your new home?


Thanks Marijike

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Thank you all for your replies. We are awaiting the full file on the property from the agent.

We do have to consider the emotional side of things especially as we are launching a business within the main property and we have to be mindful of the backlash if we have to oblige to the current vendors promise.

Hopefully we will see evidence that the current Caretaker understands that she has to leave the property based on the sale.

We have spent several years in our hunt for the perfect Chateau and we now face a potential deal breaker.

Hi Stella, thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts.

We are awaiting the full property file from our Agent and hopefully we will observe our next step.

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Good luck! You will find the right place. Whether this one or another. It took us ages to find the right place. It can be disheartening that it takes so long but you will get there.

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Thank you @almondbiscuit We are hoping that this is the right property, location wise its perfect also its natural surroundings and resources.

The historical value is priceless too.

We’ve certainly given you lots to think about. Let’s hope the Property File will clearly explain the actual position and you can make a decision …to proceed or withdraw.

Don’t be rushed and don’t assume anything - what is written down is what counts.

Demand all details in writing, French and English… and be sure to only sign papers (which you fully understand) at the Notaire’s office.

Best of luck… really hope this works out well for you.


If you are so struck by the property and really have to have it then ask yourselves if you really need her cottage too? and does it have to be now? (could there be time later to negotiate with her)? Or allow her to stay but charge her rent? and she could even become an asset to you. You may have spent years trying to find the right place but remember that you probably need a very thick skin to live within a community that does not want accept you or is hostile to you for having created problems for this lady. Better to walk away than walk into a miserable life.


I’m finding the talk of possible hostility from the neighbours/village/whoever is putting unfair pressure on the would-be Buyer.

I would not expect the community to take such an attitude unless “whoever” acts illegally to evict the lady from said cottage.

If she has Rights, they need to be clearly defined and respected - of course - and the would-be Buyer takes that onboard if deciding to continue with Purchase.

If she has No Rights - that needs to be clearly defined too and the Seller needs to ensure she vacates before Completion…


We none of us know the situation or how it will play out. Personally I think that there could be bad feeling locally even if everything is done legally and above board, there may not be ,but it is worth considering

Very good advice. Walk away now.


OK a week has passed by… what is the latest news on your situation ???

I would walk away, take the previous members advise, if you can’t walk away go to an independent Notaire, not the Estate agent.
There are lots of wonderful vacant properties in France don’t get into a legal battle, this is France there are so many " lambs taken to the cleaners " here unfortunately


I’ve heard of lambs being slaughtered, but never dry-cleaned…
but, as you say, “this is France”
We live & learn

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So sorry Bob Sivel for my poor English, I thought this was a forum for peoples opinions not for their use of English.

It is Edward, in Bob’s opinion your use of English is poor.:grinning: