Tasting Raspberry Pi

To all of our talented gurus -

What is your take on the Raspberry Pi? Looks a fascinating project on www.raspberrypi.org and info on the FAQ and Forum.

Thanks Nick. Your words and the set-up guide will be a great help - when I get mine! Fascinated to see the stages of development of the PUNNET case. When all connected it may look like a giant spider on my desk. Perhaps someone will come up with an idea to organize the cables etc into a tidy pile which will please the critical eye of the lady of the house - not easy!

Well Stanley, here is a brief list of items you will need in addition to the unit itself

1) 32GB SD card for the operating system and your files - you can order one of those at the time of buying one.

2) You will need an HDMI cable to connect to your TV or monitor. You can get HDMI to virtually anything adapters if you don't have such a screen. You can also use composite video, but I'm not sure most modern TV's actually support that any more.

3) You will need a USB keyboard and mouse, and I would recommend getting and externally powered USB hub, so you can connect other devices to the little unit if you should wish, like and external disk drive etc.

4) You will also need a micro USB power cable - like those used for a mobile phone to power the unit.

5) If not using the HDMI digital audio signal, then you will need an old style analogue cable, the one you use in a PC for instance.

6) Cases are becoming available, and it would make sense to get one when people have tried them out and recommended them.

Here is a page on their website with a little more detailed info.

Raspberry Pi setup guide


You've reassured me this could be a useful addition to my computer toys basket. I'll order.

What accessories are necessary (cables & things) to put it in operation? Extra cost?

As previously mentioned I, and many others, am not up to speed with techos so a plain man's guide would be appreciated.

Thanks again for all you do for us nerds.

Had an email from RS yesterday inviting me to place an order which I've done. Delivery expected in 6 weeks

I would order one Stanley, as if nothing else , you can use it as a media player for your TV, as it supports 1080p video output.

They offer a great opportunity to have a go at programming and playing around with the device, without worrying about the cost of the unit.

It reminds me of the old BBC B, when you could really see what a device was getting upto. It's how I learned to program in Assembler and 'C' .With schools starting to use them as teaching aids, I'm expecting to see a flourishing market in magazines and on-line tutorials on how to play with the little computers.

I'm waiting to hear when my order will be fulfilled, but I will definitely be getting one to play with.

As I know quite a few members are getting them, we can swap tips and tricks as well.

I've also ordered one for my grandson who will absolutely love it. Provided his father doesn't see it first!

Ordered mine in March but still waiting. Will let you know when I get it - looks very interesting.