Do you LIKE or DISLIKE TATTOOS post your tatt pics here has to be descreet…

I hav a W done on each cheek of my arse so when I bend over it says WOW had tattoos about ten years ago then I had them removed with laser best thing I ever did I think they are just colourfulk scars but hey each to their own

It’s funny how so called fashion changes things ''My ex wife and her mmmmother hated tatoos with a passion but 3 monthes after we split the ex had some sort of thing put on her body , with the fashion eye ring leather boots etc etc etc … Think i’d better stop there lol

agree. My cousin had a tattoo of a dragon on her shoulder when she was young, later she didn’t like it so asked to have it amended to a fairy (more feminine side came out in her when she hit mid 20’s) they basically faffed it up and it looked like a tree stump. She was gutted. I think it’s one of those things you shouldn’t have until you have slept on it (i.e. not drunk) & you understand the consequences.

No not mine was goin to have it as main pic but dident upload that way here are mine oh and there are some nics on the women :wink:

I have a small tattoo on my right shoulder (difficult to take a pic!) of my husband’s name in hebrew. Made me laugh when I was looking for a design and I had to have this. One of David’s biggest loves was films and David in hebrew? DVD :o)

LIKE but not too visible and not too many or too heavy

Kevin - is that your arse???!!

There are certain colours that react in the sun on people mine is red itches like mad in the sun .. sometimes the henna covers your skin and you have burnt the rest so the undamaged skin reacts in the sun after ,,i think...did you have it done abroad like the far east.

sorry not a great fan myself. Had a Henna one done when I was 18 on holiday - gave me a really bad reaction & scarred for 2 years (each time the sun caught my arm the tattoo came back! thankfully now gone).