Tax Accountant?

Does anybody know an English speaking tax accountant around the Sarlat area please? A friend is having a few problems and needs some advice.
Would be very grateful for any recommendations.

in the event that no-one offers a contact…
if your friend’s problem is about declarations etc… contact directly to folk in the local Tax Office might well prove useful… they aren’t ogres… and if they can’t help, they might know someone who can…

best of luck

Thanks Stella - she’s already been to the Tax Office, but it appears that there’s some confusion!

Frankly, I would have thought that the Sarlat region would have English speaking accountants… due to the number of Brits there… but perhaps not.

There are folk on here who might know answers to some questions… if the question can be posed without giving identity/personal details… might be worth a try and might get the thread opening-up in a helpful way…

Unfortunately not a problem that can be resolved on here - and I agree re English speaking accountants! I have found one, but further afield.
Many thanks for your advice :smiley:

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I have started using an accountant, by phone and by email, and he prepares and submits my income tax declarations online. I have spoken with him once and sounds like a Londoner. He’s based in Charente I believe.

I think he has many clients but he finds time for my queries and I find him generally ok. Can’t say more than that. You could give him a ring, or get in touch by email.

Thanks very much - I’ll pass his details on :smiley:

Hopefully, this will end well for your friends.
Whatever… it would be good to eventually have some feedback (good or bad) re the “corporate and legal” contact…
useful for any others seeking help…

Yes, I hope so - tax matters in your mother tongue are bad enough aren’t they!

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